August Goals #fail

I am so disappointed with myself. I had these great goals and the month is almost over and I did not hit the make at all.

I am going to do some serious soul searching about why I keep falling short and what I am going to do different for September 2011.

I have tracked my food for 54 days straight but I wonder if I am doing it right. I will keep at it.

Exercise minutes--- got it ...but
Aug 1-7 4:05
Aug 8-14 2:50 ((6:55))
Aug 15-21 1:45 ((8:40))
Aug 22-28 2:30 ((11:10))
Aug 29-31

Weight on Aug 1st 225#
Weight on Sept 1st...

1 comment:

  1. Be concrete about your goals. Make them very tangible, not too crazy that they seem unreachable. Best wishes dear!


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