Falling Apart

Sometimes I just feel like my body is falling apart. Lately I have been able to hear and feel my right knee knocking. I think I have lost all cartilage in that knee. I am not even 40 so that sucks majorly. Plus I can't seem to stand on my feet for any amount of time with experiencing excuriating pain. Right now I have knot on my foot that feels like I am walking on a golf ball. So I will be at work in snekaers and hopefully that will make my feet feel tolerable. I took a tylenol to help with the pain so I can sleep.

I pray that when I lose weight some of these issues will be lessened. I do not want to continue to live in pain and discomfort. Especially since my plate is super full and I do not get a great deal of sympathy. I want to see a podiatrist but it is difiult when my foot hurts irregularly and I would hate to waste a sick day on a visit just ofr the dr to not even recognize my problem. Maybe I need better shoes. I got some inserts but I think I am going to sprulge on some real comfortable shoes like Clarks and have some shoes that are meant for my feet and not just ones that are on sale.

Wish me luck at work 2morrow...


  1. Weight loss will help your feet a lot! So will getting good shoes. Also, if you can get a mini trampoline to run in place on it will flex the muscles in your feet and stretch them, which can help just like stretching helps other parts of your body.

    For your knee, it may actually have considerable cartilage left, but might have a weak patellar tendon, as well as other weak muscles. Bracing the knee or wearing a patella strap can help a lot with those problems. You also want to strengthen the muscles and tendons that support that joint. Go here: http://www.active.com/fitness/Articles/The_Best_and_Worst_Exercises_for_Bad_Knees.htm and start trying the "Best" exercises. (Even some of the "worst" can be safely done, but you really need a trainer to ensure you are doing them correctly, so you should stick the "Best" to be safe, especially at first.
    I used to have so much foot and knee pain, I was walking with a cane at one time, and wore rigid sided hinged knee braces on both knees.
    Now my feet almost never hurt, and all I need to wear on my knees is a patella strap, and I only need that during workouts, or if I'll be doing a lot of stair climbing. That's what losing 45 pounds and strengthening the muscles around a joint can do!

  2. Good luck feeling better! If you don't mind a recommendation, I've bought these insoles (http://tinyurl.com/3gnzw43) and found them really comfortable. Not bad for $12. :)

  3. My knees hurt so bad it's excruciating. Lately after walking a lot or exercise, about an hour later my left knee still hurts and it's literally hot to the touch. I'm guessing that can't be a good thing but what do I know.... I hope the pain subsides and you can manage better in your new thinner body!


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