Motivation and moving forward

As the Slimmer This Summer challenge comes to an end.... I made progress but I have now been thinking how to do this without the constant knowledge of some1 other than myself holding me accountable.

I think I need to re-examine how I look at getting healthy. It isn;t about points, plans, or programs... It is about habits. I need to teach and in some areas re-teach myself how to feed my body the fuel it needs and not fills with fats and sugars that are a quick fix for my emotional issues and physical desires.

I have a dog I recently rescued and he eats the same stuff every day. Water and the dog food. HE poops regularly and has tons of energy. He does not indulge in the garbage of foods that I do. He eats because he needs the food to live. I want to be more like my dog 'Bubbles'.

Food is fuel... It is not my friend.

As this month winds down I will chose a new challenge for myself... maybe a habit I need to quit...or a habit I need to add. I am not sure yet. I have been thinking of going with just water for 21 days. Or cutting out the white stuff.

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