S-T-S Week of August 15th, 2011

Starting weight 226.6 (up 0.6#)
Ending weight 226.2 (down 0.4#)

1-exercise 5 of 7 days---did not meet
2-track daily--Met
3- try to get to everything on my to do list---in process
4- do 3 things without having a breakdown ---MET

In a slump and trying to get outta of it. Being back to work this 2nd week has really messed with me. I am down but not out and would appreciate any prayers you can give.

-----How my week went/is goin-----

8.15.11 Monday... Calories 1825cal. exercise 00:00. Work: busy Home: busier. Cooked 50-50 tacos. Took daughter to dr. for chaffing under her arms. By time I got home it was 8pm. All wind lost from my sails.
Things I did right: Got up on time. Tracked my food. Drank a ton of water. Was on my feet all day at work.
Things I could do better: Exercise. Eat less calories. Watch less TV. Stick with schedule. Oh well... 2morrow is another day to get it right. Thank you God for a new day.

8.16.11 Tuesday. .... Calories 1225. exercise 00:00. work: still busy. Feet effing killing me. I am wearing sneakers 2morrow. Finally got groceries... Did not cook. Ate a zaxby's salad for dinner. Things I did right: Calories good. Got groceries..finally.
Things I could do better: Exercise. Wear better shoes to work.

8.17.11 Wednesday. .... Calories 1575. Exercise 00:30 (Total 00:30). Work: Good...feet still hurt even with sneakers. I am goin to try another pair of sneakers tomorrow.
Things I did right: Exercise vigorously for 30 min. I love my Wii Fit. Water has been great. I even drank plain water without a "mixie".
Things I could do better: earlier bedtime.

8.18.11 Thursday. .... Calories 1425 Exercise 00:30 (Total 01:00). Work: OK. Really sleepy.
Things I did right: Exercise vigorously for 30 min. I really like the Exerbeat game....especially the Boxercising and Karate. Water has been great.
Things I could do better: Earlier bedtime. More chores done. Eat out with hubby w/o kids felt great.

8.19.11 Friday. .... Calories 1300 Exercise 00:15 (Total 01:15). Work: OK. Really sleepy.
Things I did right: Water has been great. Cooked a new recipe Baked Chicken Parmesan.
Things I could do better: Not enough exercise. Weighing daily. Too much TV.

8.20.11 Saturday. .... Calories 2000 Exercise 00:30 (Total 01:45). Work: OK. Really sleepy.
Things I did right: Water was ok. Ate out and I had 2 many cheese fries. Felt great to be out wit hubby without kids
Things I could do better: Calories too high. Weighing daily. Too much TV.


  1. Hi, I'm a new follower! Saw you on Just Weighing in and Moving on's blog! :)

    I'm really digging the listing off what you did for the day, focussing on the positives, and then giving yourself areas to improve on! Seems like a productive idea! :)

  2. A new job is hectic, no matter what else is going on in your life! You did a great job of getting in your water, tracking and being aware of what was going on, both physically and emotionally. You have a plan in place for next week, so I'd say you are doing GREAT!!!

    Just keep it up, Stormy. Many prayers coming your way!

  3. I was in a funk for a while, so don't be surprised if it takes tine to get back at losing. You are accountable and moving forward. Best of luck with last week of STS challenge!

  4. It all takes time but you can do this. Keep tracking, keep exercising and you will do this. A new job is hard and adds a bit of stress to the mix but lean on your friends, lean on your family and mostly lean on the Lord and all will be fine in due time.
    Keep up the great work and have a blessed week.

  5. I have been through the funk too- luckily, it does pass! You have so much going on- I'm impressed you accomplish the things you do!

  6. That picture you have up top - that's me too! Sometimes your mojo just deserts you, all you can do is brush yourself off and keep trying.


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