S-T-S Week of August 22th, 2011

Starting weight 226.2 (down 0.4#)
Ending weight ??????

1-exercise 5 of 7 days 2-track daily 3- attack my to do list daily

Week 2 back to work. so far....

-----How my week went/is goin-----

8.21.11 Sunday .... Calories 1425 Exercise 01:00 (Total 01:00).
Things I did right: 1 hour of working out.
Things I could do better: Drink more water.

8.22.11 Monday .... Calories 1450 Exercise xxxx (Total 01:00).
Things I did right: Went to bed before 11.30.
Things I could do better: Not eat fast food. Exercise.

8.23.11 Tuesday. .... Calories 1400 Exercise 00:30 (Total 01:30).
Things I did right: Worked out. Went upstairs to unwind earlier.
Things I could do better: Eat better lunch. Drink more water.

8.24.11 Wednesday. .... Calories 1565 Exercise 00:40 (Total 2:10).
Things I did right: Exercise on point. Even walked with the babies in the neighborhood. Gotta train them to appreciate being active.
Things I could do better: No chores done. Did not hit my to do list.
8.25.11 Thursday. .... Calories 1300 Exercise 00:00 (Total 2:10).
Things I did right: decent calories. Worked 12 hour day. exhausted and beat. Looking 4ward 2 the weekend.
Things I could do better: no exercise. needed more water.

8.26.11 Friday. .... Calories 1950 Exercise 00:20 (Total 2:30).
Things I did right: Exercised at 4am. Drank lots of water. Walked quite a bit at work
Things I could do better: Ate out so over calorie range. Could have exercised longer.

8.27.11 Saturday. .... .... Calories 1525 Exercise 00:00 (Total 02:30).
Things I did right: I didn't drink any alcohol when I went out with my girlfriends.
Things I could do better:I didn't exercise. I could have eaten better.

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  1. Hey, now that the STS challenge is over, are you up for another? check it out: http://thriceblessed-lessofme.blogspot.com/2011/08/new-challenge.html


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