S-T-S Week of Aug 1st, 2011

Week of August 1st, 2011
Starting Data --Weight 225 (down 10# since start of challenge)
Ending data 226#

Summary: I am not expecting anything short of a gain. I have been weighing daily and the scale is steadily climbing. I know my calories haven't been great. But it really sux to see such a huge gain. I think my time of the month is around the corner. That is the only real explanation for the weight gain I have been experiencing. I am trying to not be discouraged.


Nutrition-- Under calories as defined by My

Fitness Pal. 64 oz or more of water.Take pics of most meals and post. My calories have been reduced by 50 day since I have lost 10lbs. I ate too high this week.

Activity-- Gym. Swim. Walk. Weights 3 days a week. Cardio 15 minutes minimum every day.

Support-- Blog, talk to, post on FB my successes, setbacks, & failures. Read & comment on the blogs of others.
Awesome blogs I read & commented on the week include...

Fun--some TV time, some games on FB, QT with kids at movies, park, pool, etc.
  • Movies: Despicable Me
  • TV: ha. ha. Bachelorette Finale, Bachelor Pad Premier

----Mini Updates on my progress----

07/31 Sunday: 1600cals. 00:00 exercise

08/01 Monday: 1500cals. 00:15 exercise
08/02 Tuesday: 1900cals. 1:20 exercise (1:35total)
08/03 Wednesday: 1900cals. :50 exercise (2:25total)
08/04 Thursday: 1500cals. :50exercise (3:15total)
08/05 Friday: 1700cals. 00:00exercise
08/06 Saturday: 1550 cals. 00:50 exercise (4:05total)


  1. Please, please, do not be discouraged. You have not eaten enough to gain, so it's likely TOM. It passes, and you'll have a post-TOM weigh-in that will be better. K? :)

  2. Don't get discouraged. Even skinny people gain a pound every so often so it's expected that heavier people will too. (Skinny people also beat themselves up over a pound ... just like we do.) A 1 pound gain, if you haven't been eating above your calories and have been doing some exercise, is probably water retention from TOM. Unfortunately, it's something our bodies have to go through each month. Keep focused and you can show a nice loss next week. :)

    Wasn't Despicable Me just hilarious?? I love that movie! :) (And thanks for the shout-out)

  3. Trying not to be discouraged is one thing that I struggle with too. I'm not sure how to jump that hurdle yet- still working on it. All I know so far is to keep on no matter what. One day at a time!

  4. Thanks for the shout out, you're a doll. Well, get back on track. I need to really keep up with myfitness pal. Truth is, I absolutely love it - just forget about it and travel a lot for work, etc.. That should be a concrete goal for me this week - track every day. Feeling inspired now thanks to reading this post. ;) Thanks!

  5. You can do this so try not to get discouraged. Can you lower your calories to about 1400 average? If you do, I bet you will see a loss. I generally aim for 1200-1500 and 1500 only with rigorous exercise. Try just lowering calories this week (and log your food!) and again, I bet you see a loss. Have a good week. Michele

  6. It's so hard to resign ourselves to consistently following our plan even through TOM and all the other things that happen but that is what we have to do to consistently lose. I know of no one who goes straight to goal without burps along the way. It's part of the process and we learn to deal with our emotions and all the other head stuff along the way.


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