Christmas Dress Countdown Challenge

Christmas Dress Countdown --- 14 weeks to a smaller sizer.

PRIORITY #1 "DO-IT" : Get a smaller si
zed dress. OK--- I have this real pretty black dress that I wore Dec. 2006. It is a size 14.
DO-IT: Set & stay w/in calorie limit. I will do this on MyFitness Pal Food Diary. MFP gives me 1300 calories before exercise. So that is where I want to stay... definitely no more than 1500 cals. a day.
DO-IT: Exercise-min. 3x/wk. I will walk with kids & dog. I will use my Wii fit. This can also been seen on MyFitnessPal Exercise Diary.DO-IT: Strive to be consistent with healthy challenge habits.
DO-IT: H2o Water & I are best buds.

DO-IT: Ok this was the hardest. I have decided to read either
The Procrastination Equation: How to Stop Putting Things Off and Start Getting Stuff Done or 100 Days of Weight Loss: The Secret to Being Successful on Any Diet Plan.
DO-IT: Sunday update post. Blog minimum 2 times a week. Include actual numbers plus 1 other post.DO -IT: Link up to your weekly updates.
DO-IT: Visit at least 3 other challengers.


...Weigh In Data...
**Sept. 11    221.6#      45.6% Body Fat    **   Starting Weight  **
Sept. 18 219.4#
Sept. 25 220.2 

Oct. 2  218.4
Oct. 9  220.6
Oct. 16  218.8
Oct. 23  221.6
Oct. 30  220.2
Nov. 6  223.0
Nov. 13  226.0 (TOM)
Nov. 20
Nov. 27
Dec. 4
Dec. 11
**Dec. 18 ___# __._% Body fat ** Final Weigh In


  1. This is closed now, Check out this one. here is the link to one of the challenges.... assumingvirtue.blogspot.com/p/christmas-dress-challenge.html

  2. Yay, this is going to be a fun challenge. I got on Amazon yesterday - Mir's 'store' with a whole lot of books to choose from. I became a little overwhelmed so need to pick the best one that will help me with my worst obstacle. Have you chosen a book? PS - Sometimes your blog hides from me and the updates don't post in my newsfeed so I come find you on my own. I stalk you down!! :)

  3. You can do it! My goal is to walk more too. I really need to get out there and enjoy the outdoors with my husband and son before the snow comes. It's expected in about 2 weeks! Good luck and I look forward to seeing you next week!

  4. You'll make it. I know you will. Take care and have a blessed week. Good luck!!

  5. If you read the Pro. Eq. pls post on it....I'm thinking of reading it also but want to start with wheat belly. Like the theory of your blog.

  6. Awesome goals! I love all the different books people are suggesting. I think I'm going to have A LOT to read this winter! LOL

    Good luck!


  7. I picked the 100 days book too. I haven't received it yet though. Hopefully soon. Good luck.

  8. Hey Stormy! Amazing goals, and lovely dress. You'll make it even prettier.

  9. Great goals, you'll be fitting that dress by Dec for sure:-)

  10. I am excited to be doing the challenge with you! You are going to be so beautiful in that dress again! Good luck!!

  11. get it girllllll i need that dress cuuutteeeeee


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