Detox in 3...2....1

Well .... i hate weekend that feel like I did not get any rest like I should have. My sleep was average at best. I did exercise for 40 mins. I realize I really do not like the Golds Gym DAnce Workout. I will be mailing it back tomorrow or Tuesday. I want to give my daughter to give it a try and see what she thinks. I am sure part of it that I am used to the pace of the Exerbeat.

14 day detox... I will share more later this week. Bottom line.. No sugar. NO white stuff. No red meat. 1300-15o0 calories. 5-6 small meals a day. 128oz of water. 500 cal burn daily. Must journal food and exercise on MFP. This is part of the mother/daughter BL challenge. I like it because it reduces my eating to necessity and not from boredom or taste. I will eat to live versus live to eat.

Grade my day - D

1800 cals.
I ate too much. I was the wrong thing to do. Wrong mindset. I just wanted one more piece of beef before I go on the 14 day DETOX.

Exercise: 00: 40 Just the wii Fit using Exerbeat and Gold's Gym Dancing Workout.

Water: 64 oz plus... wondering how I am going to work my wway upto 128 oz

Book: 100 days of Weight Loss.

Day 8 -

see 9/23
Tell people what you need in terms of support. Do not assume they know what you want.

Action points:
How to Support my weight loss --ask me to walk, run, etc. with you
---compliments always welcome
----allow me time to do what I need/want to do (hubby/daughter)

What I need supporters not to do:
---are you gonna eat that
---do not invitem eout to dinner
---criticism of my food, water, workouts, etc.

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  1. Oh ok I asked you on a later post about the detox..I guess I should go older than newest to oldest..lol That is pretty much how I am loosing my weight by no white flours and no sugars...along with no prepared boxed foods. I hope it works great for you.


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