Devil is a Liar

The day was ok. I was staying home because my youngest son was not cleared to go back to school. I even got to spend time with my hubby. It was a really, nice day. We get a letter in the mail that deal with his ex and her drama. I was so upset I could feel the heat in my body. We will have to get a lawyer and go to court. It is crazy but I know we have done nothing wrong. So I know that God is orchestrating this entire event. Further proof of God's desire to humble me and draw me closer to him came with the arrival of a Bible I ordered last week from Amazon. I had this same Bible back in 1998. I used it so much That the Binding came off if it. I had been looking for the Bible for a while. It came today. I was so impressed with God's timing. So I realized that I am not to curse my husband's ex, but to pray for her. I will do so because I know that is the right thing to do.

I know I have more I want to share ,but it will have to wait as I am tired and need to get to bed. I will write more later.

1450 cals.
..........Breakfast: 1.5 egg omelette, whole wheat toast, and turkey.
...........Lunch: flatbread subway sandwich with ham.
...........Dinner: Salad topped with grilled chicken breast.
...........Snacks/Dessert: homemade banana ice cream (it came out ok ).

Exercise: 00: 15 Just the wii Fit using Exerbeat. Dancing -- aerobics and latin dance.

Water: 64 oz plus... much better... still using crystal light.

Book: 100 days of Weight Loss.

Day 6 - Protect Your Program

Another great topic. I talks about making sure you remember that little occurences and incidences should not take me off my path to better health. I have to work around events, situations, etc that could distract me from my goal. Bottom line I cannot expect or dmeand that any1 make my program work for me but me. This is my life and I have to take charge of it appropriately.

Action points:
List 3 high risk times/events:
-----weekends: I will stay busy. I will keep healthy foods n the house and not let myself get 2 hungry.
-----long work days: I will plan ahead so on long days I am ready with an easy, healthy meal.
-----stressful event: Instead of eating I will phone a friend.
One 1 thing that reinforces your determination: I ate at home even when hubby offered to take me out.

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