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Overall today was a good day. I had stuff to do and I got  it done. I also pushed thru a major barrier. I was so sleepy that I was falling asleep on the couch, but did i just go to bed. NO! I turned on my Wii and got my workout done. I know that this was due in part to me being in the Biggest Loser SLITE. If I didn't have to hand a workout sheet to my weekend trainer, I would have went to bed.

I read a blog that was talking about Sugar and thought the website they shared with worth re-sharing . It is called "Sugar Stacks" and it has lots a found how much sugar is in various items. Very eye opening for me. Check it out when you can a chance.

Day 2 of my 14 day detox. Breakfast was tasty but too high in calories. It did, however, keep my full for a large portion of the a.m. Work was un eventful. Just 1 kid and he was compliant. So all is well. Oldest daughter needs a sports physical so that is on my plate for the afternoon. Yay---NOT!

1200 cals.
500......Breakfast: Protein shake with 2% milk plus a banana(6am)
165.......Lunch: chicken breast, salad, (11:45am)
240.......Dinner: turkey sausage (7pm)
285......Snacks/Dessert: plum(10:30am), cheerios(12:45p) cheerios with .5cupsmilk

Exercise: 00: 35---- 5min boxing 30minutes aerobics for 500 cal burn

Water: 128 oz plus.
32z by 930am. 64 oz by 1pm  96oz by4pm 128 by 8pm
Book: 100 days of Weight Loss.

Day 10 - Appreciate Good Support

Getting support is about give & take. Be willing to talk about your goals and plans. Remind ppl about NSV... less emotionally eating, having more energy, etc. Learn to receive compliments. Also do not minimize a compliment. by saying "Thanks but I have such along way to go." (GUILTY!!) Do not set people up. I.E. "Does this make me look fat?" (INNOCENT)
Action points: Ask a friend to compliment you, then practice your response.

-----not to sure about this one. Seems a bit cheesy for me. I think I take compliments pretty well---

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  1. Hmm....good job getting that exercise done. Way to will-power!!

    Reading your day's menu I wonder, "Where are the vegetables?". They really are good for you, you know, providing lots of vitamins and minerals.


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