MONDAY ARE NO FUN!!! I never feel well rested. I drag into work but I am trying to make it work just the same. Today is Day 1 of 14 days of my Detox for the

And I burned myself cooking this morning.

Sisters in the LITE thingy. I think I am just going to call in Sis-LITE.

Calories: 1075 cals.
330.......Breakfast: 1 scoop protein shake with 2% milk and 1 egg plus 4 slices of ham
200......Lunch: Salad with chicken breast and dressing
175......Dinner: chicken breast with green beans & onions.,... no rice ( tear)
325......Snacks/Dessert:mango in vinegar, 1 cup cheerios,

Exercise: 00: 30 5mins dance. 25 minutes of karate

Water: 128 oz plus... OMG. My goal is 128 oz. By 10am. I was 32 plus ounces done and really feelin it. I work in a school as in In school suspension teacher. I had a few students so I had to pace myself with the bathroom trips.

Book: 100 days of Weight Loss.

Day 9- Here's What I Want

This chapter piggybacked on the previous chapter in more detail.

Questions & my answers...
1- If you see me eating something that is not on my plan you should: Ask me if I have had a bad day.
2-When I'm making progress, such as losing weight. Compliment me on how I look. Other good answer was gove me on-food rewards.
3. When I'm struggling or gaining weight,...Ask me how you can help.
4. When I am making progress you can't see (such as improving my self-esteem)... Ask me how my efforts are going.
5. When I have maintained my weight (even though I may want to lose more)... Compliment me on my looks and my effort.

Action points:

-----complete quiz ---DONE
-----share quiz---DONE here & on FB
----identify most important answers--- UGh all

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  1. Trying to catch up on my bloggers..I see you are starting a 14 day detox..I would love to know what or how you are doing this and how you end up in the 14 days..Also what made you decide to do this..just asking I am curious.


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