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I am so glad that it is Friday. This week was a blur. I was on task a bit better than last week. So it feels great 2 know I am making progress. Our 1st real workout for the Sister LITE challenge is 2morrow. I am anxious to see how all of that goes. There is a weigh-in plus ....? UGh... I do not know what to expect that is the hardest part. 

The scale has been slowly moving downward and that is a great thing. I am excited about my journey. 

I did just dance for my exercise. IT has been awhile. It was fun. I beat some of my high scores, I think my body is moving better because of less weight and the fact that I am getting fitter. It felt awesome. I am expecting the BIggest Loser Challenge game in the mail from Game Fly. I hope I like it. I really enjoy using my wii to exercise. It is crazy that I have lost more weight since I froze my gym membership.

I had more on my mind but i am sleepy and will have to write more 2morrow...

Calories: 1200 cals.
275......Breakfast: 2 turkey sausage pattieds, 2 scrambled  eggs, crystal light
320.......Lunch: 1 cup cooked broccoli,  salad, dressing
455.......Dinner: salad with grilled chicken
260.....Snacks/Dessert: banana(1015a) cereal with skim milk (11pm)

Exercise: 00:35 ---- Just Dance

Water: xxx oz plus.
32oz    by 10:00a

64oz    by 12:00p
96oz    by   6:00p
128oz  by 

Book: NO GO

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