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         Another ok day. Nothin too exciting. Work was fine. Home time was good. I went to Wal-Mart and got a 2nd pair of weights. My week feels like I have been on track. I know I have my hands in so many fitness pots and that is keepin me honest and on track. I am excited about my SisLITE on Saturday. I am curious how the workout is going to be. I have had it happen where I feel smaller and stronger than I am ...but I will not let that deter me. I will keep at this. I will work daily to regain my health. 
            I just bought a package of Cross Fit Training. I can't wait to use it. 20 sessions for $40. I will be uber healthy b4 my 40th .... I may not be perfect but with all I am doing my body is about to change for real. NO more games. Looking 4ward to the weekend where maybe I can regroup and spend some time reading more blogs, responding, and writing more about where my head it at.

Calories: 1300 cals.
260......Breakfast: Protein shake with 1% milk added 1c of coffee (6am)
340.......Lunch: 3 oz turkey burger with onions plus chicken breast
345.......Dinner:Chicken, broccoli, carrots
350......Snacks/Dessert: 2bananas 1 cup cheerios

Exercise: 00:35 ---- Aerobics on my wii.

Water: 96 oz plus. Late start on my water. Super busy at work. I feel much better when I am fully hydrated.
32oz    by  1pm

64oz    by  4pm
96oz    by  10pm
128oz  by

Book: 100 days of Weight Loss.

Day 12 - Fuel or filler

Quality Fuel versus Filler... You need quality if you want your body to perform optimally. Duh. I think that as I get more in tune with mybody and more adept at healhy eating... this is all goin to get easier.
Action points: I have to look at food for what it doesn form y body and not for my emotions. I think when  I look at how I did food wise it wasnt too bad.

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  1. Food as fuel, that's a hard one to conquer, but once you're there - Blissdom!!

    Great work this week!


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