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Day 5 of the CCD Challenge. Let me begin by giving some background. I have to go outta town this weekend for what should have been a family weekend at the wellness camp my daughter attended. The plan was me, hubby, my daughter and our 2 babies. We went for the pre-camp meeting back in May. The daughter, the teenager, attended the wellness camp over the summer. Although it isnt an ideal weekend, I see it as an opportunity to learn new things and spend time out of our normal environment together.
So then my Bro-in-law calls and asks my hubby if he can work on his car this weekend. My hubby agrees. I am upset but what point does it make..? NONE! So instead of all of us going...it will be me and my girls. The upside is that I won't have to deal with my hubby pouting, complaining, etc. The downside is I hate that other peoples issue can take priority over plans we have had for months. But call me pretzel because I am flexible. So I have so much to get ready as they want us at camp tomorrow, Friday at 630p. The camp is an hour and a half away. I do not get off work until 3pm and I live about 30 miles from my job...plus I have to pick up the babies... So here I sit now .. I have packing my clothes and the babies clothes. My husband did not even keep me company. He stayed up until like 10:30p and then went to bed. He didn't even say "Good night." Mind you I was in the same room. I was so hurt and irritated. It is him being a baby because he doesnt want me to go. So while I am getting things in order..not just for me but for the house. He did nothing to help.
Oh well...i am tired, a little hungry and I am going to bed & pray for a great weekend.
Calories: 1350 cals. Peanut butter and strawberry preserve sanwich on whole wheat.

Exercise: 00: 00 Just too overwhelmed & tired.

Water: 80 oz plus... much better... probably going to do a water only thing when I get back from camp this weekend.

100 days of Weight Loss.
Day 4-Boundaries- not diets
---all or nothing approach almost never works
---boundaries define your diet
------give you a system to work in for you eating plan, exercise, etc.
------allow for commonsense and good judgment

Action points:
-make a wide and narrow set of 'diet' guidelines. I did that in a notebook.

Linda Spangle. 100 Days of Weight Loss: The Secret to Being Successful on Any Diet Plan (p. 5). Kindle Edition.


  1. I pray for a great weekend for you too Stormy :) Chin up, sending lots of love.♥♥♥

  2. Although it isn't turning out the way you wanted I'm sure you're weekend is going to be amazing! And tell us about it. I'd love to go to a camp like that! Have a great time!


  3. Sorry for the frustrations. :( Hope you have a wonderful time with your girls!

  4. Sorry you are so stressed. I'm going to get that book, I've seen several bloggers reading it.


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