ReBoot Day 1-3

So... as you ca tell from my previous post. I was all started when I found amovie on Netflix titled "Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead". It is a documentary of a 40 year man and his quest to regain his health.

I started on Thursday. I weighed in at 226.4. I took pics of myself that a.m.
The 1st day was good until about 1:30pm. I got a wretched headache. I rested. I iced my head. and nothing helped so I eventually caved and took an ibuprofen. Note to self if I get a headache, stop being stubborn and take something to stop it.

Friday went well. Weighed 224.8. I worked all day and packed enough fruits and veggies. I am have been telling people about what I am doing to keep myself honest. I do not crave foods, but I did not realize how much food can shape ones day. Energy level has been good. I even worked out on my Wii on Friday. Another slight headache but I did not let it stop my this time.

Saturday at home was along day. The kids ran me crazy and Lamar was working on his brothers car so I had them to myself. Ugh. Weighed in at 222.2. Need to learn more recipes. I have been making sweet potato chips and they are yummy. I need more things like that. I am thinking about getting a cheapy blender.

My daughter says she wants to juice. I am excited for her. I look forward to seeing how she does with it.

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