ReBoot Day 4 & 5

Sunday--ReBoot Day4
Well it is time fro an update. Day 4 was rough. I woke up. So I it was day 2 of my cycle. I had to go grocery shopping. It was a miserable experience Seeing all of the food I cant eat. All the meats I am forbidding myself to eat. It was unpleasant. I felt like a child...wanting to throw a tantrum. But I made it through. I changed my weigh in day to Sunday. I weighed 221.8. So I will take it.

Monday--ReBoot Day5
Weight: 221.2... still moving down. Better day. But I cheated. Sorta. I had a veggie sub at Subway. It felst great having bread. Later I had a mini blizzard from DQ. I am trying more and more new foods. I even squeezed in 30 mins on the wii. I had a bit of a tummy ache so I had to stop at 30mins.

My daughter has decided to join me. She even started a blog.
Please check out her blog & follow her. She is in need of as much support and encouragement she can get.

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  1. You can do it! I'm excited that you are going to be in the challenge. We are going to do great! Good luck :)


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