I need a better routine and way to get more outta my day. I stayed home with babies as they are both on antibiotics and fighting strep. The babies were a tired that they sleep until 830am, which for them is unheard of them. They usually wake up before 630am even on the weekends. I was contemplating going to work, but my spider...mommy sense was tingling. I decided to call out and take Junior to Dr. I am so glad that I did because the idea of junior fighting dtrp w/o meds would have sucked.

I ate like crap today but it was stress and access. I need to hit grocery store 2morrow. I have been putting all of my to-do list stuff on my list on my phone. sometimes my life feels overwhelming at times, but I hope to spend some time on Thursday to see if I can get some order.


  1. Oh Poor babies! Hope everyone gets better soon. It doesn't get any easier as they get bigger - my older teens had strep last week, and were just as needy as if they were toddlers. The only difference is that at 18, they can be left home alone when they're sick. I could still get myself to work, but they had to talk/text/email me every thirty minutes for some Mommy reassurance that yes, the medicine will start working soon; and yes, they will feel better by tomorrow; and no, you may not drive to WalMart for some icecream! :)

  2. They are so, so adorable. :) Good thing your mom spidey sense kicked in! Hope you got lots done today like you wanted to!


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