I have been thinking alot today about what 'support" means to me in terms of my pursuit of better health. The thought came into my mind as I was driving back from my 1st meeting of the Sister in the LITE biggest Loser Type challenge. I had already dealt with my daughter pouting because she was ready to go to her college bound event. Then when I called my husband I could hear a slight attitude in his voice. I asked him if it was "OK" if Maya(my daughter) and I participate in the Saturday thing. He says of course, it sounds fine to him. However, now that he realizes that it is 12 weeks of me being gone for about 3hours, he is not so happy.

I was disappointed in his attitude, I do not do much stuff for myself outside of the house. This challenge is a great opportunity and I want to be a part of it. I also do not want to feel guilty about taking time.

Anyway.... The Sisters in the LITE challenge meeting went well. They weighed, measures, photographed us, as well as 3 mini lessons on food sizes, sugar content in cereal, and calcium content in foods. The instructor is serious about health and fitness and I like that. My weight there was 220.2# but that was after eating breakfast, and being fully dressed in jeans... Long story but I left my workout pants at home.


  1. Im sorry you aren't getting all the support you need :(, I can be very hard, but when others don't support you how you would like you need to support yourself. Feel good about yourself, what you are doing, and why you are doing it. Others may come around, some may not, in the end you have yourself. Be strong, do what you want to do, and reap the rewards :) Great to hear you have a supportive program near you though :)

  2. PLEASE, do NOT feel guilty about taking three hours a week for something that will improve the quality of life for both you and your daughter. I don't have kids...or a husband, so maybe I don't get the whole guilt thing you're experiencing. This is YOUR life on the line, and you are doing this so that you can be around longer for your husband and your children. Just keep reminding yourself of that.

  3. I always feel guilty for a lot, whether I should or shouldn't, so I know how that is but I've also learned that sometimes you have to fight through that so that you can do what you need to for yourself. Especially when in the long run it is only going to make things better. Your husband should want good health for you and your daughter, even if it means you being away for 3 hours.

  4. Please don't feel guilty...this is important, even is others can't see it. Take the time for yourself & realize you ARE worth it.

  5. You need time for you, and you won't be good to anyone if you don't get it. The time you are using isn't selfish..it is to better your health. No matter what anyone else thinks you got to be your biggest supporter..We are all so proud of you and are here to cheer you on. So shake this off and you go girl and can't wait to watch your journey.

  6. Men are much more dependant on us then they would ever want us to know. On the flip side, I have been there too and it stinks. I would sit him down and tell him you need this and why. I found that with my working out and eating right, my husband caved on a bunch of things when I final just broke it down to him. A happy wife makes a happy husband =)


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