TGIF - Camp Here We Come

Day 6 of the CCDC and it has been a long day. I stayed up late packing. I haven't eaten much...its 2pm. I have had Chick fil a nuggets (260cals), a 20oz coke zero, and a snickers bar (280cals). I just want this day to end so I can unwind a bit. I pray this camp is fun for me and the girls. I am pretty much ready to go except for pillows, comforter, last minute stuff like that. I plan on taking a lot of pics so everyone can see what all we did.

Calories: TBA cals. Peanut butter and strawberry preserve sanwich on whole wheat.

Exercise: 00: 00 Maybe I can squeeze some in tonight at camp.

Water: ?? oz plus... much better... probably going to do a water only thing when I get back from camp this weekend. Gotta run hopefully I will check back in later.

100 days of Weight Loss.

Day 5-Magic Notebook
---record personal thoughts, anxieties, successes etc.
---provides yourself w/ valuable insight
---safe outlet for emotions, struggles, etc
---shouldn't force yourself to do it though
---some ppl even write about their cravings, teach you to listen to your hunger cues, and know you can resist temptations, cravings, urges, and the like.

Action points:
---write down when you think about food, I am goin to work on this. maybe make a file on my android phone
---make note 2 self that I may eat that food at another time
---stretch times out farther apart for eating this food
--I found this action point spoke more to my desire to eat out at certain places and frequency. I made need to further examine myself on that one.

Question of the day...

??? Do you find yourself thinking about certain foods alot? If so, what foods? How do you handle it?


  1. Just enjoy the weekend. Husbands sometimes make life difficult but just maybe this time away will make the heart go fonder. I go to camp two-three times a year with my scouts. At first being away was hard becauce I knew Jim hated me gone but after a few times I figured he had to adjust and I went and enjoyed myself with my son and scouts. Just take the time to relax a bit and enjoy.
    Take care and God Bless!!

  2. I get cravings for certain things and I just think about them all freakin' day until either 1. I go get it and eat it (doesn't happen very often) 2. I find something else that I can pretend is what I want 3. I go for a walk and think about something else.

    If after I go for a walk, I still want it - I might go get it just to get it over with so I can move on. It happened the other day with mashed potatoes and gravy. I wanted it all day, I went for a walk, back to my desk and forgot all about it. It happened a few weeks back with a Twix candy bar. I went for a walk, back to my desk, still wanted it. Got off work three hours later, still wanted it. The next morning, still wanted it so I bought one and gave 1 stick to a friend and had the other with my coffee - it was heavenly, but... it was over. Move on.

  3. I hope you have a great time at camp! Excellent job this week!

  4. Have fun at camp! It sounds interesting so I am sure Either way you will have a great time.


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