What is Committment...?

Day 3 of the CCD Challenge. Overall I felt like today has been a good day. I am trying to stop by blogs also.I haven't been able to do everything I want to do but I am working on me & that is what really matters to me the most.

Calories: 1200 cals. I did eat Chik fil a for breakfast. Lunch was turkey spaghetti. Dinner was turkey shepherds pot pie. Not sneaking any extras snacks feels great!

Exercise: 00: 30 Just the wii Fit using Exerbeat. Dancing and karate with a short stretch.

Water: 64 oz... much better... still using crystal light

Book: 100 days of Weight Loss. Day 2- Interested or Committed
Notes:--see previous day

Action points:
  • Decide that you will always be committed to your weight-loss plan, not just interested. Done
  • Describe how you will stick with your program, no matter what. I am using as much support as I can muster. I blog on blogger. I have a facebook page so people who do not blog can help hold me accountable.
  • Do at least one thing today that demonstrates you are truly. On Monday even though I was exhausted I managed to squeeze in 45 mins of exercise. 15 minutes of which included walking with my hubby and the younger kids to the neighborhood playground. I even passed up the season finale of Bachelor Pad to get my exercise in.
Linda Spangle. 100 Days of Weight Loss: The Secret to Being Successful on Any Diet Plan (p. 5). Kindle Edition.


  1. Sounds like you are doing terrific so far. Keep up the good work. Proud of you for passing up t.v. to get in your exercise. Now, that's dedication :)

  2. Commitment means getting up day after day and doing the same thing over and over even when you don't want to, because it gets you what you want - a healthy body and mind!

  3. That's GREAT. Doing it, even when you don't FEEL like doing it, is a sign of commitment!

  4. Now that is real commitment if you past on the last show!!! If you can do that you got it all the way...Keep up the good work!!!

  5. Committed vs. interested is a long ugly path travelled for so many of us. We've WANTED to lose weight for years, some decades.... this time, no stopping though! :) Best wishes, you are going to do great!


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