Worse for wear

I am sorry that I have been MIA... i have not been able to get my bearings since the camping trip. I spent the weekend taking care of Angel who had a fever all weekend. Luckily there was a dr. On call who was able to check Angel out. The Dr. Said angel's ears were fine but her throat was a lil red. So we survived but Friday night she woke up @ 3am. Saturday night she woke up at 1230am. So both nights i did not get any decent sleep. The days were jammed with activity & the food left so much to be desired. I attribute my high weight loss in part to being super active (esp. Over the weekend) and eating super healthy.

i came home early to a messy kitchen (which i ended up cleaning) and then hubby wanted to go look at laminate. So we ran around with the toddlers all afternoon. I did squeeze in like 10mins on the wii. I went to bed at like 945pm... lucky for me that i went 2 bed early because Angel woke up at midnight with a fever. So 3 nights interrupted sleep has taken its toll.

I am behind on my reading and praying for a calmer day 2morrow. I hate feeling outta sorts.

Here are a few pics from the weekend...


  1. awww the trip looks like it was all sorts of fun though! i hope she's feelin better by now! Jett had a cold, bronchitis, and middle ear infection last week.

  2. I love family pics on a blog...They always make me smile and feel closer to ya.

    You are looking great!


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