Planning 4 Success

I decided to read a bunch of blogs of my fellow CDCC crew and glean some ideas. Plus i want to set some real tangible goals for myself. Maybe even a schedule.

I am so glad for this challenge…even if I am not on track. Heck I am still in the race. I am making a concerted effort to read more CDCC blogs. 

Angela Pea gave me an idea. I need a place to where my dress. MY boss is having a christmas party. I did not attend last year, but I may attend this year. Then that mean I have 6 weeks to make this dress happen.

Princess Dieter is one of my biggest motivators. I need to learn from her and listen to her wisdom. I am deserving of the success my heart desires. I need to regroup and refocus on what I really want for myself.

T2KO Mommi  has made me realized  that I need to make sure I get enough exercise and keep my calories on track.

Julie  reminded me that I need to remember that God is in control and I need to cast my care on him. 

w0rld reminded me to get outside and enjoy the beauty of nature. I live where there is so much natural beauty and I need to take it all in.

Tina gave me good new. She told me I can eat whatever I want. I t is a reminder to stop alow this journey to give food 2 much power.

Thanks for being an inspiration.
I mentioned you in my last post.


Mon 10.3 Exerbeat
Tue  11.01 Walk it Out or Just Dance
Wed 11.02 Exerbeat
Thu 11.03 Walk it Out or Just Dance
Fri  11.04 Just Dance
Sat 11.05 Walk in Neighborhood

Mon 10.31
Tue 11.01-
Wed 11.02
Thu 11.03-Daughters School Event either cheering or orchestra
Fri 11.04
Sat 11.05- Center for black women's wellness Wellness Expo

READING Daily ----> The End Of Overeating
WATER: Daily minimum 64 oz
VITAMiNS: Daily multi plus B complex
TRACK ALL FOOD: I want to start taking pics again,

CDCC Wk 7 Summary

Christmas Dress Countdown Challenge
Week # 7
Oct. 23rd - Oct. 29th, 2011

Starting Weight: 221.8#
Actual Weight: 220.2

By the grace of God, I am down 1.6#. I am still off track but not being too destructive. I have been under the weather since Thursday. My voice has been hoarse and almost gone. I have been trying to rest most of the week. I want to be better at this. I do not wanna be one of those yo-yo people. I am not going to have bunch of excuses. I just have to act. You all know that . Below I share the break down of my week.

DayCaloriesExerciseBookWaterBlog Topics
SUN 10.231100
NIDKWeekend Wedding Pics
MON 10.241500?
N32End of Overeating
TUE 10.25180000:45N64Changing my Brain
WED 10.26110000:30Y32Won Blogger Award.
THU 10.271500
N64+Ways to Avoid Divorce
FRI 10.281500
SAT 10.291700


5 Ways to Avoid Divorce

I saw this article and had to read it. I am on my 3rd ( and last & BEST) marroage but was very curious how and what 'the experts' think one should do to stay married.

The article was written by Delia Lloyd.

I will just comment on the five points and welcome your opinions on the content.

So the couple that saves together stays together. And 2 much 'materialisticness' can erode communication..led to poor conflit resolution problems... This is not a shocker. In one of my 'other' marriages my spouse would spend w/o regard to bills or budgets and that caused a great deal of tension. It really comes down to shared value system where money is concerned. How can one expect to build a rock solid marriage if he we spend our money is in constany conflict or money is just being blown for no reason. Being materialstic really hurts a marriage on many levels... but it would stand to reason as those kind of people place more of a value on things than people.
This mandate quotes several studies stating that (1) divorce rate lower in couples where the woman works , (2) separate gender roles is not as helpful in marriages as it was in 195o's and 1960's, (3) working outside home is good for couple's sex life, (4) both working  makes men help more around the house which contributes to happier homes.
 Overlapping interests are important but everyone needs a private space. For my hubby it is the garage. He has his own interests (muscle cars) and that is his thing. I like exercising and doing stuff outside. We have to respect the fact that each of us has our own "thing" that we like to do. Apparently the old adage ..."Absence makes the heart grow fonder." is actually accurate. I have always liked the phrase "How can I miss you if you don't go away....?" A study of 200 wives marriaed over 15yrs ssaid that time part made them (1)more self-reliant, (2) more passionate for their spouses, and (3) more emotionally secure. I have wanted that kinda time for myself but have yet to have it. I would welcome some quiet time for my own personal growth and improvement. I am blessed in this marriage as in my previous married my spouse was untrustworthy and that makes time apart unpleasant and scary.

This is a no-brainer. Sex is more than just the physical act. It is intimacy and closeness at its purest for a married couple. I do not think we owe our partner sex, but there will be times when one is "in the modd" and the other is not. Sometimes we have to "take one for the team".  It us about being physically and emotionally available. A good sex life is a key component to a happy, long-lasting marriage.

 This is so important. The 1st thought I had was "the devils in the details". In reality, it is the little things that let people know you care. Picking up your fav drink when u 2 are not together.I think the 5 to 1 ratio is a great guide to work on so one can remember to stay positive with their spouse and continue to nurture the love that they have. It is so easy to get complacent & I think that is the way to slowly and painfully kill a good marriage.

So what do you think of these 5 tips...?
Which one is your strong suit & which one do you struggle with...?
Follow Delia Lloyd on Twitter: www.twitter.com/realdelia


Versatile Blogger Award

Versatile:  ver-sa-tile [vur-suh-tl] or, especially British, [vur-suh-tahyl]:  capable of, or adapted for, turning easily from one to another various tasks, fields of endeavor, etc.:  a versatile writer.Word information source:  www.dictionary.com

Here is how the award works:
1.  You thank the person who presented you with the award.
2.  You tell 7 things about yourself.
3.  You award 15 other newly discovered bloggers.

ONE- Thank you so much Fat In Suburbia for the award. You are an awesome blogger who keeps me honest.

TWO - 7 things about me:
1. I turn 40 this year and hope to make the next 10years my best.

2. I am married with 4 kids. 2 boys, 2 girls. Son, 20. Daughter, 14. Son, 4. Daughter, almost 3.

3. I have 4 tattoos and I have had a 'few' piercings (belly, tongue, eyebrows, and ears).

4. I want to get my doctorate in education or school improvement.

5. I have been teaching 14 years.

6. I love reality TV.. especially the Bachelor, Survivor, Biggest Loser, and Project Runway.

7. Although I have a good sense of humor, I am also very sensitive and cry easily.

THREE- select 15 Blogs to share with others.(still working on this list)
  1. 30 Before 30
  2. A Fit Decision
  3. A New Poison
  4. A Well-Kept Life
  5. Beyond the Looking Glass 
  6. Keep Trying 
  7. Keeping the Faith
  8. Once Upon a Dieter
  9. Opposite of Thin
  10. The Shrinking Geek
  11. Worlds FAT Blog

By the way... I nominated your blog for an award. http://bigbutttheory.blogspot.com/2011/10/versatile-blogger-award.html

ShrinkVivor Week 4 Summary

::::ShrinkVivor Week 4::::
Starting weight 219.2.
Wk 1 217.8
Wk 2 217.6
Wk 3 221.6
Wk 4 IDK- overslept will weigh in on Thursday a.m.

That's a XXXX of x.x# for the one week.

Please click on a day to see what my thoughts, actions, issues, etc were for that day.

Wednesday 10.1900:15lost pedometer
Thursday 10.2000:30
Friday 10.2100:00
Saturday 10.2200:10
Sunday 10.2300:15extra blog here
Monday 10.2400:004500 steps
Tuesday 10.2500:459000+ steps

What a rough week. Too many ups and downs. I am looking to level it out and get back on my path.

  • blog support
  • started back to exercise

  • awaiting mom's release


Changing my brain (ch36)

I am skipping around in my reading. I skipped to Chapter 36. This chapter is titled:
 Invitations to the Brain

The chapter was very interesting. Here are my notes and thoughts.

There is a CUE-URGE-REWARD-HABIT cycle that is due in part to conditioned overeating. The framework that addresses it must contain proven treatment stratgeies that are based in sound theories.

INVITATION 2 the BRAIN are a result of the stimulus of the food cues and my habitual response of overeating.

Giving in 2 often 2 overeating dysregulates my body systems, The m my system become hypersensitive to the food cues. I need to recognized how I automatically do certain things (overeat). The intervention that I need that will be effective needs to draw me away from the conditioning power of the stimulus BEFORE it triggers my usual response. Then it will remind me that I can say NO. However, I only have a MOMENT OF CHOICE... to (1) recognize what is about to happen, then (2) do something else.

For my CONDITIONED HYPEREATING to get 'treated' there are several points that need to addressed:
  • I need to develop the capacity to refuse the cues invitations to the brain in the 1st place and my refusal my come (1) early & (2) be definitive.
  • I may learn a new pattern but I need to recognize and remember that the old pattern is still in my memory.
  • I also need to avoid those 'risky' situations when possible.
To succeed I will need to employ a variety of cognitive and behavioral tools.
I will also need to practice using said tools with determination & commitment until I can alter my reactions that are generated by the stimulation .


Book Change

I am probably going to change my book. With a recommendation from Princess Dieter over at Once Upon A Diet.... I downloaded "The End of Overeating".  The book is an easy read with real info that I need to read. I will add my thoughts on what I have read in my blogs. 

So far the most interesting thing I have read is about how those in the food industry design food to be PALATABLE. Not just palatable to eat but more so palatable to be irresistible. It isn't my imagination...these restaurant foods have a hold on me because of science and manufacturing.

I am really intrigued. I have to read more and learn how I can break this cycle that is so bad for my health, my wallet, and my waistline.

The End of Overeating

I want to chart...manage how I read this awesome book. I am anxoius and hopeful that it will hellp to enlighten me and break the hold that processed fast, restaurant, pre-packaged food has on me.

RED==> Unread
GREEN===> Done

I will also link up if I blog about what I have read.

Sugar, Fat, Salt

1. Something Changed ... America Gained Weight
2. Overriding the Wisdom of the Body
3. Sugar, Fat, and Salt Make Us Eat More Sugar, Fat, and Salt
4. The Business of Food: Creating Highly Rewarding Stimuli
5. Pushing Up Our Settling Points
6. Sugar, Fat, and Salt Are Reinforcing
7. Amping Up the Neurons
8. We Are Wired to Focus Attention on the Most Salient Stimuli
9. Rewarding Foods Become Hot Stimuli
10. Cues Activate Brain Circuits That Guide Behavior
11. Emotions Make Food Memorable
12. Rewarding Foods Rewire the Brain
13. Eating Behavior Becomes a Habit

The Food Industry
14. A Visit to Chili's
15. Cinnabon: A Lesson in Irresistibility
16. That's Entertainment
17. The Era of the Monster Thickburger
18. No Satisfaction 
19. Giving Them What They Like
20. What Consumers Don't Know
21. The Ladder of Irresistibility
22. The World's Cuisine Becomes Americanized .
23. Nothing Is Real
24. Optimize It!
25. The Science of Selling 
26. Purple Cows

PART THREE Conditioned Hypereating Emerges
27. Overeating Becomes More Dangerous
28. What Weight-Loss Drugs Can Teach Us
29. Why We Don't Just Say No
30. How We Become Trapped
31. Conditioned Hypereating Emerges
32. Tracing the Roots of Conditioned Hypereating 
33. Nature or Nurture?
34. Warning Signs in Children9
35. The Culture of Overeating  

The Theory of Treatment

36. Invitations to the Brain
37. Reversing the Habit
38. Rules of Disengagement 
39. Emotional Learning

Food Rehab

40. The Treatment Framework
41. Planned Eating
42. Letting Go of the Past
43. Eating Is Personal
44. Avoiding Traps: On Obsession and Relapse
45. Making the Critical Perceptual Shift

PART SIX The End of Overeating

46. "Our Success Is the Problem"
47. Industry Cracks the Code
48. Fighting Back



Wedding Weekend Pics

The in-laws were in town this weekebd for my BIL wedding. I was stressed about how it was goin to go but it went well. I ate yucky but had fun.

Here are so of my fav pics...

My babies.....

Me and hubby

I am the proudest mom with the best kids ever...

Captain Clarence

LOvely ladies

Bradley Men

The Newlyweds....

My smiling family

Baby girl and son's fiance...

Newlyweds with grooms family

Skyler & Selena

Princess Angelina

Big Bro schooling Baby Sis...


CDCC Wk 6 Summary

Christmas Dress Countdown Challenge
Week # 6
Oct. 16th - Oct. 22nd, 2011

Starting Weight: 218.8#
Actual Weight: 221.8

Yes I know a 3# gain. I ate like I did becuz I wanted to. NO excuses. I am not quitting but what I need to do is fully engage in my health improvement.

SUN 10.16190000:00Y645550
MON 10.17150000:15N647500
TUE 10.18150000:45*N965500
WED 10.19150000:15N969525
THU 10.20130000:30Y964000+
FRI 10.21150000:00Y64IDK
SAT 10.22195000:00N32IDK

Another ROUGH WEEK..but i am turning it around.

  • I need to have more accountability and support. 
  • My in-laws are awesome.
Daddy & Mama chilling.

MY Bro-in-law with his soon to be wife.

My 2 'Clarences'...

My daughter's and my niece...


I spy- PLAYGROUNDS-Big Butt Theory Style...

I ran across a blog with iSpy as a topic.So I did some clicking and found that it is 'sponsored' by My Mad Mind and  Crazy Daze & Night Dreams so I though what a fun idea. I have a ton of pics.

I am not sure if I am doin too much but I found so many great playground pics that I could not decide. So i Made a collage.

My choice....
How can you resist the sloppy kisses of a face this cute....
I hope ya'll like my pics....


ShrinkVivor Week 3 Summary

::::ShrinkVivor Week 3::::
Starting weight 219.2.
Wk 1 217.8
Wk 2 217.6
Wk 3 221.6
That's a GAIN of 4.0# for the ONE week.. I chalk it up to eating out, lack of exercise, and over eating in general. I will have to accept that I have to deal with my emotions apart from eating. I did get exercising this a.m. amd it felt great.

Please click on a day to see what my thoughts, actions, issues, etc were for that day.

Wednesday 10.1200:00
Thursday 10.1300:10
Friday 10.1400:00
Saturday 10.1500:10
Sunday 10.1600:00
Monday 10.1700:00Very honest blog about what is goin on
Tuesday 10.1800:30

What a rough week. Too many ups and downs. I am looking to level it out and get back on my path.

  • blog support
  • got my hair straightened
  • daughter's ankle is healing
  • family time
  • church
  • water was on point most of the week

  • awaiting mom's release
  • ate out 2 much
  • did not blog enough
  • daughter sprained ankle
  • didnt work out enough


Much undone

I have a lot of undone stuff in my life right now. Interesting most of it does not have to directly involve me but can still affect me.

Here it goes. These are the main issues/events.. each of which have their own set of issues.
  • My in-laws will be in town this weekend.
  • My Brother-in-Law is getting married.
  • My mother gets released from jail on Monday. She isn't coming her. Not for lack of trying.
In laws in town requires having the extra company. I like my in-laws.. They are funny, good people. The big issue right now is that I thought they would be staying here with us. My one of brother-in-laws wants them to stay with them. But I really wanted them here. My kids have had the least amount of time with their grandparents. My husband didn't even as me how I felt about them not staying here. He is so inconsiderate like that.

My Brother-in-law getting married this weekend is going to be interesting. He and his fiance have only been dating a few months. They can't/won't live together because her dad refused to pay for a wedding at a later date. SO they are getting married this Sunday. Her mom is not a fan of my BIL and has not been supportive of their marriage. So this all is so weird to me. I still do not know the details of he wedding and what , if anything, we will be doing this weekend with both sets of parents.

This is my mother. This is her jail house pic. She has incarcerated due to multiple DUIs. I know many of you are thinking--- wow. Why would she put this up. I have to free myself from the drama and shame that I have endured for my entire life. She is about to get out next week and the stress of that is also wearing on me.

So all of this on me is why I am semi-MIA. I will get through this.

I did exercise today.
I did track my food.
I drank at least 64 oz of water.

Overshare complete...


CDCC Wk 5 Summary

Christmas Dress Countdown ChallengeWeek # 5Oct. 9th - Oct. 15th, 2011
Starting Weight: 220.6#
Target Weight Loss: -3.6#
Actual Weight: 218.8

Although I lost it wasn't as much as I wanted. I have not put in the exercise I need to. Pathetic I have been really but I am not quitting. I am just goin through somethings. I think the stress of the last few weeks have gotten to me. I have so much on my plate and I am choosing to not deal as well as I should.

Thanks for supporting and understanding.

SUN 10.09190000:00Y64+F
MON 10.10160000:00Y96+D
TUE 10.11130000:10Y96+C-
WED 10.12120000:00Y96+C-
THU 10.13160000:00N96+F
FRI 10.14130000:00N96D
SAT 10.15150000:10Y64D


ShrinkVivor Week 2 Summary

::::ShrinkVivor Week 2::::

Starting weight 219.2.
Wk 1 217.8
Wk 2 217.6
That's a loss of 0.2# for the week.. I will take it as I am down 3lbs since Saturday/Sunday weigh in.I let the stress in my life drive to back to my unhealthy behaviors but not again.

Well.... I am making progress but not as much progress as I would like...I am aware of my shortcomings and addressing them daily. Not perfection, but progress for sure. 4 lbs a months is ok. I know I can do better and I will.

Please click on a day to see what my thoughts, actions, issues, etc were for that day.

DAYMinutesSleep Hrs
Wednesday 10.0500:306
Thursday 10.0600:456
Friday 10.0700:156
Saturday 10.0800:457
Sunday 10.0900:006
Monday 10.1000:006.5
Tuesday 10.1100:107

What a rough week. Too many ups and downs. I am looking to level it out and get back on my path.

  • blog support
  • completed 1st mom/daughter biggest loser-type challenge
  • family time
  • church
  • successful court out come
  • water was on point most of the week

  • court
  • hubby stuff
  • mental games
  • daughter sprained ankle
  • didnt work out enough

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