1st ShrinkVivor CheckIn

I am representing for the Sexy Silver Team on ShrinkVivor. 

Today started off as hectice as ever. BUt my weigh-in did show a loss. I wish the loss was bigger...but I have always heard that a slow weight loss is best. I jusy want to be fit so much faster.

Starting weight 219.2.
Weight this a.m. 217.8
That's a loss of 1.4# . I will take it.

I hope it is enough to keep me from being voted off. I am still a little unsure how this whole voting, tribe, exile thing goes. I think i will have to refer back to the FAQ page and get a refresher.

3hrs 50minutes --- 230 minutes
Wednesday 30min
Thursday 35min
Friday   30min
Sunday  45min
Monday 45min
Tuesday 45min

Book: 100 days of Weight Loss.

Day 15 -First 2 Bites

1st two bites have the most flavor, therefore eat them slowly. If its a decadent treat, decide if its worth having.
Action points:
I didn't find this as true for me. I snuck a candy bar and the 1ast bite was as delicious as the 1st maybe I need to slow down more when I cheat.

FOOD: 1200 cals.

FITNESS:  00:30 exercise ---- Completed on Exerbeat.....Yoga and dance.

Water:128+ oz plus.
32oz    by 10:40

64oz    by 2:20p
96oz    by 10:00p



  1. Great loss. I'm on day 10 of 100 Days of Weight Loss and liking it a lot. I'm with you though, the last bite of a candy bar would be just as good as the first 2!!!

  2. First things first, your blog name makes me smile and then I think of the big bang theory and yeah. I'm a geek.

    Anyways, congratulations on your 1.4 loss this week and on getting in those minutes. Great job.

    Good luck this week.

  3. A loss is still a loss! Great job!

  4. Your exercise is racking up! Keep going! Congrats on your pound+ loss.


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