CDCC Wk 7 Summary

Christmas Dress Countdown Challenge
Week # 7
Oct. 23rd - Oct. 29th, 2011

Starting Weight: 221.8#
Actual Weight: 220.2

By the grace of God, I am down 1.6#. I am still off track but not being too destructive. I have been under the weather since Thursday. My voice has been hoarse and almost gone. I have been trying to rest most of the week. I want to be better at this. I do not wanna be one of those yo-yo people. I am not going to have bunch of excuses. I just have to act. You all know that . Below I share the break down of my week.

DayCaloriesExerciseBookWaterBlog Topics
SUN 10.231100
NIDKWeekend Wedding Pics
MON 10.241500?
N32End of Overeating
TUE 10.25180000:45N64Changing my Brain
WED 10.26110000:30Y32Won Blogger Award.
THU 10.271500
N64+Ways to Avoid Divorce
FRI 10.281500
SAT 10.291700


  1. Quite a good loss!!! And that grid of your challenge particulars is so organized and cool. Very nice!!!!

  2. Your calories look good except for a couple of days. Your exercise needs to be every day, or at least every other day for a longer time. Water looks pretty good, but needs to be more consistent. Perhaps you could get more bang for your buck with your calories...eat more veggies, less bread and sweets. Just a suggestion.

  3. Hope you feel better this week. Being sick stinks.

  4. Good luck on getting back on track this week.

  5. Ahhh, feel better. I plan to get around to accepting my award and a couple others here by the end of the week. You're a doll! Stay focused.


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