Changing my brain (ch36)

I am skipping around in my reading. I skipped to Chapter 36. This chapter is titled:
 Invitations to the Brain

The chapter was very interesting. Here are my notes and thoughts.

There is a CUE-URGE-REWARD-HABIT cycle that is due in part to conditioned overeating. The framework that addresses it must contain proven treatment stratgeies that are based in sound theories.

INVITATION 2 the BRAIN are a result of the stimulus of the food cues and my habitual response of overeating.

Giving in 2 often 2 overeating dysregulates my body systems, The m my system become hypersensitive to the food cues. I need to recognized how I automatically do certain things (overeat). The intervention that I need that will be effective needs to draw me away from the conditioning power of the stimulus BEFORE it triggers my usual response. Then it will remind me that I can say NO. However, I only have a MOMENT OF CHOICE... to (1) recognize what is about to happen, then (2) do something else.

For my CONDITIONED HYPEREATING to get 'treated' there are several points that need to addressed:
  • I need to develop the capacity to refuse the cues invitations to the brain in the 1st place and my refusal my come (1) early & (2) be definitive.
  • I may learn a new pattern but I need to recognize and remember that the old pattern is still in my memory.
  • I also need to avoid those 'risky' situations when possible.
To succeed I will need to employ a variety of cognitive and behavioral tools.
I will also need to practice using said tools with determination & commitment until I can alter my reactions that are generated by the stimulation .

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