Weight Loss Book: 100 days of Weight Loss.

Day 19 - Eat Reasonable AMounts

make sure you follow guideleines. Know how to measure accurately. Accurate guessingp test to see if you are measuring w/o measuring cups versus you eyeballing it..

Action points: Do guess and checks on serving sizes so you know yu are accurately measuring what you are eating. Write down ideal serving sizes for your frequent/favorite meals.

Spiritual Book: One Minute of Praise
Chapter 3: Strengthend by Praise

Notes:God gives comfort in many ways and thru yourself, other people, and circumstances. God has everything under control. He knows where we are and what we can bera. He also knows what is inside of each one of us. and what needs to be developed & cultivated in our lives. It is through tough times that God develops our character and who we are in Him.

Response/Thoughts: Nothing happens outide of God's knowledge and divine control God has my back. Always has....always will... No need to worry. Just keep on praising.

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  1. This is a good post. Are you still keeping up with the book?


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