The End of Overeating

I want to chart...manage how I read this awesome book. I am anxoius and hopeful that it will hellp to enlighten me and break the hold that processed fast, restaurant, pre-packaged food has on me.

RED==> Unread
GREEN===> Done

I will also link up if I blog about what I have read.

Sugar, Fat, Salt

1. Something Changed ... America Gained Weight
2. Overriding the Wisdom of the Body
3. Sugar, Fat, and Salt Make Us Eat More Sugar, Fat, and Salt
4. The Business of Food: Creating Highly Rewarding Stimuli
5. Pushing Up Our Settling Points
6. Sugar, Fat, and Salt Are Reinforcing
7. Amping Up the Neurons
8. We Are Wired to Focus Attention on the Most Salient Stimuli
9. Rewarding Foods Become Hot Stimuli
10. Cues Activate Brain Circuits That Guide Behavior
11. Emotions Make Food Memorable
12. Rewarding Foods Rewire the Brain
13. Eating Behavior Becomes a Habit

The Food Industry
14. A Visit to Chili's
15. Cinnabon: A Lesson in Irresistibility
16. That's Entertainment
17. The Era of the Monster Thickburger
18. No Satisfaction 
19. Giving Them What They Like
20. What Consumers Don't Know
21. The Ladder of Irresistibility
22. The World's Cuisine Becomes Americanized .
23. Nothing Is Real
24. Optimize It!
25. The Science of Selling 
26. Purple Cows

PART THREE Conditioned Hypereating Emerges
27. Overeating Becomes More Dangerous
28. What Weight-Loss Drugs Can Teach Us
29. Why We Don't Just Say No
30. How We Become Trapped
31. Conditioned Hypereating Emerges
32. Tracing the Roots of Conditioned Hypereating 
33. Nature or Nurture?
34. Warning Signs in Children9
35. The Culture of Overeating  

The Theory of Treatment

36. Invitations to the Brain
37. Reversing the Habit
38. Rules of Disengagement 
39. Emotional Learning

Food Rehab

40. The Treatment Framework
41. Planned Eating
42. Letting Go of the Past
43. Eating Is Personal
44. Avoiding Traps: On Obsession and Relapse
45. Making the Critical Perceptual Shift

PART SIX The End of Overeating

46. "Our Success Is the Problem"
47. Industry Cracks the Code
48. Fighting Back


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