Do over underway

I have shot this week to Boo-boo. But I am not giving up on myself. I just need to re-focus and fix my eyes on the prize. The prize is not some magic number on the scale.

It is energy.
It is health.
It is a better quality of life. I can do it.

I have to do it in a way that works for me. I am supposed to be in detox but I have not been able to make that happen. I made excuses and that is not working for me. I have to flow  the plan. I will start tomorrow. I am felt sorry for myself long enough.  

My life is woth living a worth loving well.

My plan....

Food--back to basics... all meals at home... under 1500 cals a day. increase fruit & veg intake.
Exercise-- min 30mins of quality cardio plus Sister LITE Core Stuff
Water--min 96 oz.
Vitamins--take daily
Read--daily and comment.

I am going to take it day by day. Evaluate each day and see what worked and what didn't. Stop living on auto-pilot and live more purposely.


  1. There ya go, a great plan to get back on track.

    Small steps :)

  2. Sometimes that check in and be helpful. I've done it many a time myself. For one of my most recent resets, I started logging on MyFitnessPal.com. I don't know if you use a site to track calories, but BOY it's kept me on track. Just a suggestion!

    Looking forward to reading more about you and your journey. Best of luck!

  3. Sounds like a great plan! You can do it!


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