imbalance of marriage

I know that I have been in a funk lately. People get on my nerves so much. I am trying to shake my mood. I think I just feel over worked and under utilizing my own potential. I admit I am not the perfect wife, mother, or friend... but I do long for  better for myself. and my family.  SOmeyimes I just feel really frsutarted and angry with how my family does things.

My 14yo is lazy and selfish. Getting her to do the minimum is like pulling teeth. I know this is probably not a shocker to other people who have teenagers.

Today, though, my husband is just irritating me so bad. I want him to do more around the house to help me and when I mention it he sounds like a pompous, sexist jaackazz.  I get not enough help from him. It can be overwhelming. I do so much more than he does. ALl of laundry is washed and dried by me. I put my clothes and the toddlers clothes. MY husband waits weeks and weeks before he puts it away. He claims that he doesn't like/wanna do laundry. That he does not see it as his job to do his own laundry. I am like WTF. How many jobs do I have to his... I do not even want to think about it.

laundry- weekly
gas up cars-weekly
clean out cars-several times a week

fix cars- as needed
house repairs-as needed
mow yard-not enough

Major discrepancy... and it takes it toll of how feelings towards him. Like especially in the area of passion. I don't feel attracted to someone I feel does not appreciate me.

AM I the only wife who goes through this....?


  1. My guess is that you are not the only wife who goes through this. I've heard from friends about husbands who think their only 'job' is to provide financially and that's it. Around here we are fairly equal except for all the projects that he never seems to start. Or finish. Surely, there's a balance there somewhere for y'all?

  2. ummmm.. I could have written that list. My husband comes from a traditional Italian home (Mama does EVERYTHING), and it trickles down to our home. I can cut him a bit of slack right now, as he is working very long hours.. but even when we were both working the same amount, it came down to me doing the housework.

    I don't know the answer for you... for me, I've just decided to suck it up and do it. Besides.. I do it better! ;) But yeah, sometimes I feel like a single parent with a lazy roommate.


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