Mindful Monday

 I feel really blessed to have this blog and the people who care enough to follow my blog and comment. Your support  helps me get through when I can't share my feelings with the people in my real life. Your ideas, thoughts, and suggestions make a world of difference.

Things I Did Right: I got my reading done. I needed it. I have so much to learn.

Things I Could/Can Improve: cakes, cakes, Everywhere and Stormy forgot the word "NO.". Sweets I should have avoided. Also did not exercise. Took oldest daughter to the doctor. She has a  sprain.

Exercise:  xx:xx#fail

Calories: 1600 cals.

Water: 96 oz plus


Weight Loss Book: 100 days of Weight Loss.

Day 17 - Stop Wasting Food

Many brought to clean their plate and not waster food. However, you need to change you association of wasting food. Every time you eat food that your body doesn't need you are wasting it.

Action points: 1-throw some food away. 2-List food you threw away and how i felt. 3- Address how I can reduce the amount of extra food I have at times. This is a hard topic for me because I love to get good deals and not feel like I am wasting things. I think the easiest way for me to address this is to make sure I do not cook excessive amounts of food. I also can take what is extra and make it leftovers for the family for work.

Spiritual Book: One Minute of Praise
Chapter 1: Praise & Faith 

Notes:Sometimes all you can do is moan and groan in the spirit. D not allow circumstances to steal your (my) faith in God. God is merciful, loving, grace giving, and peace providing.

Response/Thoughts: I need to remain mindful of His presence. I know how much He has done for me and brought me through. He deservesm y preaise and I need to be praise filled and filled with worry and fear.

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  1. Your devotional is a great one for the day. It is so hard at times to just stop and thank him. That is what I'm working on too. The living in the now and thank you for that.
    Exercise today, no cake and all will be great.
    Take care and have a blessed day!!


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