Much undone

I have a lot of undone stuff in my life right now. Interesting most of it does not have to directly involve me but can still affect me.

Here it goes. These are the main issues/events.. each of which have their own set of issues.
  • My in-laws will be in town this weekend.
  • My Brother-in-Law is getting married.
  • My mother gets released from jail on Monday. She isn't coming her. Not for lack of trying.
In laws in town requires having the extra company. I like my in-laws.. They are funny, good people. The big issue right now is that I thought they would be staying here with us. My one of brother-in-laws wants them to stay with them. But I really wanted them here. My kids have had the least amount of time with their grandparents. My husband didn't even as me how I felt about them not staying here. He is so inconsiderate like that.

My Brother-in-law getting married this weekend is going to be interesting. He and his fiance have only been dating a few months. They can't/won't live together because her dad refused to pay for a wedding at a later date. SO they are getting married this Sunday. Her mom is not a fan of my BIL and has not been supportive of their marriage. So this all is so weird to me. I still do not know the details of he wedding and what , if anything, we will be doing this weekend with both sets of parents.

This is my mother. This is her jail house pic. She has incarcerated due to multiple DUIs. I know many of you are thinking--- wow. Why would she put this up. I have to free myself from the drama and shame that I have endured for my entire life. She is about to get out next week and the stress of that is also wearing on me.

So all of this on me is why I am semi-MIA. I will get through this.

I did exercise today.
I did track my food.
I drank at least 64 oz of water.

Overshare complete...


  1. Your honesty and courage is intensely refreshing. My biggest motto with my blog is to always be honest with my readers whether its good bad or ugly. Just found your blog and really liking! And you are right, you will get through it! . x

  2. Hang in there Stormy ♥ Sometimes you just have to let go and let God, especially when it's drama belonging to others. I understand how it is weighing on you, I have some similar stuff going on, minus the Mom in jail. Sorry things are so crappy right now, but it can't always be like this, so look up and wait for the sun to break through.
    Always here if you need an ear :)

  3. Yes you said it right STRESS!!! and confusion.. But DO NOT LET this over take and get a hold of you.. It will only be hurting you and no one else. You can get through this and you are stronger than this.. Keep telling yourself this to shall pass...You may have to take it one minute at a time...you owe this to yourself..Have a good week!! Stay strong my friend. Hugs, Jolyn

  4. What a week. I really need to catch up with your blog. I hope you're ok, lady. Been thinking about ya


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