Ok day...

Things I Did Right: Read my books. Early bedtime.  Lotsa water. Got laundry started.Kids have schools pics and I have their stuff all ready. I called  left message about CrossFit.

Things I Could/Can Improve: more exercise...less sweets...apply what I have learned... all day everyday...need to read & respond to more blog

Exercise:  xx:10
Calories: 1500 cals.
Water: 128 oz plus.

Weight Loss Book: 100 days of Weight Loss.

Day 18 - Retrain Eating Habits

Stop giving food so much power. My health is more important than leftovers. I need to train myself to leave a little behind. Must be careful at restaurants, especially when it comes to not-so-healthy choices.

Action points: Recall family messages. Change mindset. Start thinking. it is ok to leave some food behind. Its not about a clean plate. It is about a cleaner, healthier body.

Spiritual Book: One Minute of Praise
Chapter 2: Out of the Mouth of Babes
Notes: be more childlike and stop over thinking everything. God is God. He is there and can & will comfort us in times of need. Sometimes God puts people in our lives to hold up our arms to priase when we are too weak.
Response/Thoughts: Focus on littl ehtings that delight me when I am in a rough place like:
  • snuggling with my babies
  • hugs from one of my students
  • just the right song on the radio
  • lovung words from my hubby 


  1. Kudos on reading. Leftovers definitely are a problem. It is like through out my life, left overs were just a late night extra meal. Not good.

  2. I remember reading a dr. Phil book that talked about how chubbies have pretty much crafted a life that revolves around food. Sometimes right down to their jobs. Every celebration, reason for getting together, go to for comfort, every everything was about food...... It does have power, that needs to change. Good post Stormy!!


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