Nerves Exposed

OMG... I have too many ppl getting on my nerves lately. I have been dealing with a lot of issues that I keep pretty much botteld  up inside and I am relaizing it is taking its toll on me.  here is the people and what they are doing to g et on my nerves. Once I vent I should feel a little bit better.
My teenager daughter.... 14 years old... has to still be told to clean up afte herself, occaisional attitude... very selfish.. asked he dad for an Ipod Touch instead of money for cheerleading..which is goin to cost over $400. Plus she deons't mention that he is getting her the Ipod Touch because she knows I am nt going to be ok with it becuz she is on punishment for inappropriate use of internety in terms of being to provactive and flirty with boys.

My ex... buys her the stupid iPOd touch w/o consulting me even though (1) he know about her and her sexy pics to boys and internet crap, and (2) he is like over 6months behing on child support.

My husband's ex.... well just read my post for those who pray. And this is just her latest stunt. She lies. Cries. and is a total nutt job. My husband pays the price for it all.

100 days of Weight Loss.

Day 16 - Nurturing Power of Food

 Food can comfort but we should not misuse it. That is where problems arise. Therefoere, if you are goign to use it them be careful and smart about it. Doing minimally.

Action points:
Eat a small amount... then throw out or give away. More than that isn't going to help. (I actually did this. I also realized later that I was so zoned out that when I was done with my small amount ice cream I put the remaining away in the FRIDGE. A little 2 zoned out , huh??)

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  1. My sister texted me asking to borrow 200 bucks. I of course am moving..lol like I am gonna have any money? But then she told me why. A friggin Iphone she has to have it now. Pay day is coming soon but she can't wait. OMG Way too much phone for a techie challenged girl at 58. She needs to go to Walmart! Seriously out of her budget! Nothing an Iphone can do for me that an android 100 dollar one at walmart can do me AND only cost 45 a month for unlimited everything...comon!


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