Planning 4 Success

I decided to read a bunch of blogs of my fellow CDCC crew and glean some ideas. Plus i want to set some real tangible goals for myself. Maybe even a schedule.

I am so glad for this challenge…even if I am not on track. Heck I am still in the race. I am making a concerted effort to read more CDCC blogs. 

Angela Pea gave me an idea. I need a place to where my dress. MY boss is having a christmas party. I did not attend last year, but I may attend this year. Then that mean I have 6 weeks to make this dress happen.

Princess Dieter is one of my biggest motivators. I need to learn from her and listen to her wisdom. I am deserving of the success my heart desires. I need to regroup and refocus on what I really want for myself.

T2KO Mommi  has made me realized  that I need to make sure I get enough exercise and keep my calories on track.

Julie  reminded me that I need to remember that God is in control and I need to cast my care on him. 

w0rld reminded me to get outside and enjoy the beauty of nature. I live where there is so much natural beauty and I need to take it all in.

Tina gave me good new. She told me I can eat whatever I want. I t is a reminder to stop alow this journey to give food 2 much power.

Thanks for being an inspiration.
I mentioned you in my last post.


Mon 10.3 Exerbeat
Tue  11.01 Walk it Out or Just Dance
Wed 11.02 Exerbeat
Thu 11.03 Walk it Out or Just Dance
Fri  11.04 Just Dance
Sat 11.05 Walk in Neighborhood

Mon 10.31
Tue 11.01-
Wed 11.02
Thu 11.03-Daughters School Event either cheering or orchestra
Fri 11.04
Sat 11.05- Center for black women's wellness Wellness Expo

READING Daily ----> The End Of Overeating
WATER: Daily minimum 64 oz
VITAMiNS: Daily multi plus B complex
TRACK ALL FOOD: I want to start taking pics again,


  1. Thank you for mentioning me. Do you know I need to turn to him more often. I mean I do my prayers at night, I talk to him through out the day but I am independent and I hate asking for help but I need to remember that's why he's here for me to ask help from. To lean on. He's here for us all.
    Take care my friend and have a great and blessed week.

  2. Wow! You are learning a lot on this journey. Keep up the great work!


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