ShrinkVivor Week 2 Summary

::::ShrinkVivor Week 2::::

Starting weight 219.2.
Wk 1 217.8
Wk 2 217.6
That's a loss of 0.2# for the week.. I will take it as I am down 3lbs since Saturday/Sunday weigh in.I let the stress in my life drive to back to my unhealthy behaviors but not again.

Well.... I am making progress but not as much progress as I would like...I am aware of my shortcomings and addressing them daily. Not perfection, but progress for sure. 4 lbs a months is ok. I know I can do better and I will.

Please click on a day to see what my thoughts, actions, issues, etc were for that day.

DAYMinutesSleep Hrs
Wednesday 10.0500:306
Thursday 10.0600:456
Friday 10.0700:156
Saturday 10.0800:457
Sunday 10.0900:006
Monday 10.1000:006.5
Tuesday 10.1100:107

What a rough week. Too many ups and downs. I am looking to level it out and get back on my path.

  • blog support
  • completed 1st mom/daughter biggest loser-type challenge
  • family time
  • church
  • successful court out come
  • water was on point most of the week

  • court
  • hubby stuff
  • mental games
  • daughter sprained ankle
  • didnt work out enough


  1. Just keep plugging along.... We got this!

  2. Progress not perfection is a great motto to live by. We all have our ups and downs but keep focusing on the end result and you WILL get there! :)

    PS: I LOVE the name of your blog!

  3. You can do it..one day at a time. Good luck

  4. You can definitely do this!!! It is so hard keeping on track when there are so many emotions involved. I struggle with that myself. Some days I may not eat until mid afternoon or some days I eat things that I shouldn't. But, I remember my husband, my health, good things to come if I can succeed. I take a moment to get those emotions out (cry, play on computer, bubble bath...etc) and then force myself to get up and get moving...it is hard..but I know you can do this!!! :-) Keep up the good work!!!

  5. The pounds are adding up so keep going. You are doing great. Enjoy your evening. Blessings my friend.

  6. You are doing great! Just keep up the good work and don't let the stresses of life get to you!

  7. What is the goal for number of hours of sleep a night?


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