ShrinkVivor Week 3 Summary

::::ShrinkVivor Week 3::::
Starting weight 219.2.
Wk 1 217.8
Wk 2 217.6
Wk 3 221.6
That's a GAIN of 4.0# for the ONE week.. I chalk it up to eating out, lack of exercise, and over eating in general. I will have to accept that I have to deal with my emotions apart from eating. I did get exercising this a.m. amd it felt great.

Please click on a day to see what my thoughts, actions, issues, etc were for that day.

Wednesday 10.1200:00
Thursday 10.1300:10
Friday 10.1400:00
Saturday 10.1500:10
Sunday 10.1600:00
Monday 10.1700:00Very honest blog about what is goin on
Tuesday 10.1800:30

What a rough week. Too many ups and downs. I am looking to level it out and get back on my path.

  • blog support
  • got my hair straightened
  • daughter's ankle is healing
  • family time
  • church
  • water was on point most of the week

  • awaiting mom's release
  • ate out 2 much
  • did not blog enough
  • daughter sprained ankle
  • didnt work out enough


  1. bad weeks happen to all of us. Get up and brush yourself off...you can do this.

  2. Oops...hope the rest of the week goes better for you

  3. I love the new pic!


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