ShrinkVivor Week 4 Summary

::::ShrinkVivor Week 4::::
Starting weight 219.2.
Wk 1 217.8
Wk 2 217.6
Wk 3 221.6
Wk 4 IDK- overslept will weigh in on Thursday a.m.

That's a XXXX of x.x# for the one week.

Please click on a day to see what my thoughts, actions, issues, etc were for that day.

Wednesday 10.1900:15lost pedometer
Thursday 10.2000:30
Friday 10.2100:00
Saturday 10.2200:10
Sunday 10.2300:15extra blog here
Monday 10.2400:004500 steps
Tuesday 10.2500:459000+ steps

What a rough week. Too many ups and downs. I am looking to level it out and get back on my path.

  • blog support
  • started back to exercise

  • awaiting mom's release

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