Stress got to me

The stress of this week go the best of me. I have been dealing with the stress by eating and eating crappy. I know that they scale is not going to move this week. I am upset and frustrated with myself. I have been making steady progress and I have to work on not letting stress affect my mood and more importantly my eating. I definitely need to improve my coping skills.

I feel like a fake and  a phony sometimes. I put on a brave face and act like I am really on top of my weight and my eating but I am not. It is a daily struggle. I want eating healthy to be more norm and not what I force myself to do. I look forward to the  day I crave healthy food and not Panda Express.

We had our 1st real workout with Cece for the Sisters in the LITE Mom/daughter biggest loser. My daughter lost 3 lbs in 2wks. and my weight was down 0.4#. I knew my weight was going to crap. I failed us both. I made excuses instead of ealthy meals. I didn't workout as hard as I should.  Her workout what was so hard. I felt defeated while I did most of it. I was relived when it was over. I wanna stick this out and get stringer and fitter. It isn't going to be easy. Maybe thatis part of my problem. I want it all to be easier.

I am still not committed like I need to be to make significant chnges on my health and my physical well being. I still look for any reason to eat out, or eat junk food. Its really kinda sad. I want more for myself butI have to want it more than I want crappy, fast, easy food. I have to want it more than I want the crap I put in my body.


  1. It happens to the best of us just keep your head up and remember it always gets harder before it gets easy but you will get there. dont give up dust yourself off and try again. Good luck and I'm here if you need me

  2. Oh Stormy :( I know how you feel, but you haven't failed your daughter. Congrats to her on her loss too :) You had a loss, and that is better than a gain.
    This weight loss thing is hard work. So much harder than everyday living on auto pilot, which I am 100% guilty of. Hang in there chicka, you are just having an "off" few days.

    You know where you are going wrong, and you know how to fix it. You CAN fix it. We all fall down, its whether you get back up that counts.

    Lots of hugs.

  3. Read THE END OF OVEREATING if you haven't. That was the book that broke me of the eating out at places like Chili's, Panda Express, Taco Bell, etc. I learned why those foods are addictive and make you run back for more.

    Commit today, right now, to shopping for real food, preparing your foods, taking your lunches/snacks with you and NOT giving in to the triumvirate of temptation that these fast food places serve to make you be a loyal addicted customer. It might help you like it helped me.

    I hate to cook meats, so I tend to buy cooked meats at Whole Foods, Fresh Market, or "clean" restaurants, and then I add my own fruits and veggies. Breakfast is easy enough to prepare--eggs, veggies, fruit, coffee, water. Lunch can be a salad with whatever proteins and stuff you like. Dinner doesn't have to be complex. But you need to break the eating out habit while you're trying to MENTALLY detox. It's not just about the body. It's the brain that becomes dependent on those "highs".

    Here's to breakign that cycle and making your progress and being where you want to be, craving normal food.

  4. It really does take the right mindset. Until then, we just keep riding that roller coaster of eating and emotions. Why do we do that? If you can go without the crap/fast food for a few days, the cravings for them really do disappear. And yes, it is hard to give it up for those days- but you CAN do it!

  5. Sorry to hear this babe, but all of us have been there. I was there in August. I was a counter culture ghetto rockstar back in the day. I was able to master the drugs and alcohol like a click of the switch 11 yrs ago. Took off and left that world. But food...it is the hardest addiction below nicotine. Eating healthy is like being sober.

    I am rooting for you. Know that! I learned a couple of quotes today and blogged it. Here is my entire post:
    "Be master of mind rather than mastered by mind”
    "When you eat, the meal is yourself”

  6. I read an article a while ago about the stages of motivation...
    1) Emotional quickstart/wake up call - temporary motivation.
    2) Making alternative health choices, understanding food choice motivations, recognizing your triggers, staying focused, preparing your mind.
    3) Find meaning behind initial flame, cleaning out the house of food you shouldn't eat, making "gym time" part of the routine - Making choices routine and fully committing to healthy living.
    4) That place... "Living fit has an organic momentum that replenishes motivation."

    Another great quote from that article... (wish I would have written down the title in my journal too). "There is an important link between all four stages that must not be ignored. You can intellectually know all the right foods to eat and the proper training you've learned through reading, BUT COURAGEOUS ACTION IS THE GLUE THAT HOLDS EMOTIONAL DRIVE AND KNOWLEDGE TOGETHER. When thinking with vertical mobility, always striving for continued growth and learning, your motivation will always be plentiful."

    I think you've got the courage to put those things together. Here's rooting for you, lady!


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