Tuff Tuesday

Ugh today started off too rough. I get up at 5am and have so much to do. I dress myself and both toddlers. My husband dresses himself. Normally I have adjusted to that but this a.m. I was running behind and it really just pissed me off. It is so un-balanced. I swear if I did not say anything he would offer any help.  Then as I was loading up the car to leave ( and I have a ton of crap to load becuz I take toddlers to school everyday), the dog sneaks off. So i have to stop what I am doing and look for the dog. I should have never even let him out without a leash. I know better for next time. I ask the toddlers if they have seen the dog, Bubbles. MY 4yo son is like.."You lost the dog?" I respond "look I'm doing alot here. What are you doing?" He response, "I'm a kid."  I just walked away. I was still mad, But he was right. 

Then I made the mistake of calling my hubby when I was in a foul mood. Major bad idea. .

Work went by fast and that is always great!

I was productive at home. I cleaned up playroom. I started laundry. I even picked up my bedroom.  I even helped the hubby and did bedtime. 

Stayed up too late.... but got stuff done. Gotta be better about bedtime.

FOOD: 1200 cals.
260......Breakfast: chick-fil-a nuggets
335.......Lunch: sauteed chicken (1.5 cup),
290.......Dinner: turkey burger, 1/2 cup green beans, 1/2 cup sweet potato chips
205.......Snacks/Dessert: cup milk(11am)

FITNESS:  00:45 exercise ---- 15mins on Exerbeat..Yoga and dance. Plus 30min on Free STep on the Wii.

Water:128+ oz plus.
32oz    by 10:40

64oz    by 2:20p
96oz    by 5:00p
128oz  by 09:00p

Book: 100 days of Weight Loss.

Day 14 - Morning Affects Evening

  • Often struggles with hunger, fatigue, and food cravings are related to how you ate in the a.m.
  • eat breakfast everyday also may need to evaluate what time you eat and eat more often
  • Always eat something between 3-4pm, example apple with some cheese, make it a good mix of protein and carb

Action points:
Eat breakfast and make sure you have a afternoon snack ready or at least access to a  good snack. This is an easy one for me. I eat breakfast daily and pack a lunch and snacks for myself and my little ones daily. So much so that I have a lunch 'box' that looks like I ma running away.

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  1. I love having a well stocked lunch bag with me every day.


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