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Things with me are OK. The baby is fine & i finally have an appt w/ an ob/gyn here in Atlanta. The house is so-so. I have the major rooms pretty much in order.  I am feeling kinda down because with all the kids I haven't had anytime to work on the baby's room. Especially because my youngest DSS is sleeping in there.  guess having all 5 kids is wearing on me more than I thought it would.....especially with me being pregnant. They are here 3 more weeks and then my BIL is coming to stay with us for a month or so. I feel like I can't catch a break. I just want some peace & tranquility and to not feel like a maid, babysitter, and cook. What is most frustrating is that I feel like my DH isn't giving me the attention i need at this point in my pregnancy. I mean how can he when he has 3 kids...2 of which really demand/enjoy his time. I know the kids being here this long means a lot to him, but it is really wearing me down.  Anyway....I just needed 2 vent & thanks for listening.

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