My 40th Bday

Yesterday was my 40th birthday. I spent most of the week before slowly celebrating and enjoying myself. I know it showed on the scale but I did not care.
Even Google knew it was my birthday!!!
I feel very blessed to have lived this long and gotten through all of the stuff I have been through.  I also had my youngest child turn 3yrs old a few days ago. 
So to say that it has been a whirlwind would be an understatement.
Let me share some of the pics from my bday week(end).

I got up and took the kids to school.

Ran some errands with my hubby.

Then went to lunch with hubby at

 My hubby tried ( and liked) edamame.

 I had the lunch portion of the Luau Salad. YUmmy!

 Then I got one slice of Linda's fudge cake. It took me 2 sittings to finish it. Again...DELISH!!

 Then we went to the mal.. I have always wanted to try Bare Minerals make up. So he got me some. Check out the difference:

Me up close and personal.

I also had my annual physical done on my bday .. so my day was productive and fun. Best of both worlds.
 When I came back to work on Tuesday I had a mailbox full of stuff. It felt great especially since I had felt so down the week before having been 'stood up' by some mew, some-called friends...


I definitely feel like I started my 40s off right. I even exercised on my birthday. I really want to make exercise a daily thing in my life. I know it will only help me.


  1. Happy Birthday!!! Sounds like you had a great day!! My 40th birthday found me wanting to stay in bed, and not denying the day!!! BUT, its just a number!! and we move on~~

  2. Happy, happy birthday. You are starting your 40's in the most best way you can. Loving you and getting healthy. YEAH!!!
    I wish I had started 10 years ago but I'm 50 in April and will start them as a healthy and happy.
    Take care and have a blessed evening.

  3. Happy (belated) birthday wishes from me. I hope this year is your absolute best year. I'm glad you had fun with your lovely family. You are setting a great example for your kids focusing on good health.

    On we go...a new year to do new things...

  4. Happy 40th birthday! May your 40's be your best decade yet!


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