Why I want to lose weight...

This is going to be a running list as I come up with ideas, thoughts, etc. in ABC (for the most part) order

  1. Bathing suit without shame.
  2. Chafing no more
  3. Daily activities with ease and grace.
  4. Energy to keep up with my kids.
  5. Enjoy shopping for clothes.
  6. Getting up off the floor with ease.
  7. Go down the stairs like normal.
  8. Going up stairs and not be outta breath.
  9. Live longer
  10. Look better naked
  11. No more sucking in my gutt for pictures.
  12. One chin
  13. Picking up dropped item while sitting and still being able to breath
  14. Reduce various health risks associated with being overweight.
  15. Shop off the rack
  16. Taking pics of myself again w/o being embarassed
  17. Tie my shoes without my stomach making it so difficult.
  18. Wear boots...(less thigh will make boots possible)
  19. Wear heels comfortably.


NSV Goal jeans (SCC)


Here they are. ... The pics of the jeans I plan on fitting in by March 19th.  Although they read a size 20.
I am surprised these are 20s because almost everything I wear that fits is an 18 or a 20.

  I love the beading.

Front...notice that they do not button. UGH!
I will also cuff them when I wear them this spring because they are crop but I am just short.

Side. Self explanatory, but not sure why my shirt looks so crazy.

Back... Not bad for 220+ pounds. 
Butt can't wait to get it all down a bit.

Discliamer: please excuse my teenage daughters dirty mirror. Yuck. Next time I will clean it before I star taking pics.


Exercise Confession & Declaration

I have been pretty consistent working out since I turned 40 on November 28th. I have not, however upped the intensity or the variety of my workout. I have to get more intense and a bit more structure. So it makes me wonder... Am I really committed or am I taking the road of least resistance.

I already know the answer and that is why now I am going to change up my exercise routine. I am going to woman-up and do what I don't feel like doing and instead do what needs to be done.

This is easier now that I have some online peeps to keep me honest and on track.

So I will continue to workout 7 days a week for minimum of 15minutes.
However... I am committing to 3 workouts a week on the Biggest Loser Game of 30 minutes each. The other 4 days will be spent by using Just Dance, Exerbeat, or any of the other Wii games I try out over the next 12 weeks. I am even open to doing some workouts using Netflix.

Spring "CHICK" Challenge (SCC) Intro

So the 2nd of January is right around the corner. So I have been putting some thought into what my goals are for the challenge. I have to find a good balance. Making my goals challenging, meaningful, yet attainable.

Name: Stormy
Twitter: stormyvawn
Age: 40 
Location: Atlanta, GA, USA

I have a pair of embellished jeans that I found at Goodwill and feel in love with. Unfortunately I can't fit in them and breath, SO one of my goals is to be able to wear them without (1)having to lay down to zip them and (2) without muffin top. I will take a pic every 2 weeks.

Calorie Range  Minimum 1300 maximum 1750. Tracked on MyFitnessPal.
Focus Points Cook at home more. More fruits & veggies.
Water Minimum 64 oz a day. Optimum 96oz.

I want to keep up my exercise streak. Started on Nov. 28th, 2011.
I will add more minutes each week. 
I will get outta my comfort zone.
                         I will use the Wii---Biggest loser, Exerbeat, Just dance and wii fit plus games.
                         I will use my treadmill. 

Starting Weight: TBA
Target Challenge Weight Loss: 15#

PIC OF ME IN THE GOAL JEANS viewer beware. :-)


25 Days of Fitness

I did it.
I worked out every day for the month of December even on Christmas. This was a great challenge posted my the ladies at the Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans. I wasn't sure I could do it. Sometimes I was up late getting it done, but I did it. I feels great to be successful and I am going to work on upping the intensity and increasing the variety of exercise I do.

This chart gave me and idea for January for my Spring "Chicks" Challenge. Here is what I have come up with so far.  What do you think....

Gotta run. Need to cook dinner....

Merry After Christmas

I pray everyone had a joyous Christmas. I feel more blessed than ever. I bought 95% of my gifts online so I was not affected my the shopping stress and that helped. My oldest daughter is in Florida with her dad. So it was me, hubby, the toddlers, my oldest son and his fiancé.

The 3 little trouble makers.

My tree...

Learning while having fun.

Junior on his fav gift. The LeapPad Explorer.

Angel on her fav gift... 

Earring from my hubby.


Decisions Decisions

My Christmas break starts officially tomorrow. I am off until January 9th. 18 straight days of family time. Not planning anything for the break. Hubby is also off until the 3rd of Jan. So this break I have the company of my dear hubby.

This has its pros and cons.  We get kinda lazy together. Lazy about cooking. Lazy about cleaning. And that is not good.  So I have been thinking about how to avoid the pitfalls that are common with our quality family time.

Any one have any tips or suggestions on how to avoid overeating as this year winds down....?


Spring Chick Challenge


I actually put it together and I am all excited. I am actually looking forward to the new year because I have a challenge to be apart of .

I am also hoping to get people to join me as we Spring to better health with the 

2012 Challenge

I have gotten so much supporter and motivation from challenges that I am strongly considering starting a Support group so that my blog friends and my real world friends can be in the same world. Also they could be a great network of support and accountability for each other.

I have been very blessed to get a lot of support via blogging and Facebook. I do feel that many of my ''supporters'' on Facebook do not fully share due to publicness of it all.

So please stay tuned as more info is to be forth coming.


End on a high... low note

2weeks til 2012
14 days...

How do I end doing the things I know I should do...? How do I get my mojo back and stop shorting changing myself. I sometimes wonder if I am kidding myself and that I do not really believe I can lose this weight. Or maybe I believe I am not worthy of being healthy . I just do not know. I feel really cropping actually that I am still this overeat. Yet not quite crappy enough to watch what  I eat on a daily basis.  So what the heck does that say about me...? I am not really sure. I am lazy. I am self destructive. I need to get to the bottom of this because I know that I want to be fit. I do not need to be a size 6. I need to be able to do daily activities with ease and grace and without pain.

I want to be be able to go shopping for clothes and not wanna cry when I have to try on an outfit. I want to feel like a complete and total success and not a complete and total fraud.

CCDC Wk 14 Summary

Christmas Dress Countdown Challenge
Week # 14
Dec 11th - 17th, 2011

Starting Weight: 222#
Actual Weight: 222.2#

My Chart :-)


Exer. Time:15:25:25:20:15:15:15
Exer. TypeWiiWiiWiiWiiWiiWiiWii
W/O PalDDsolosolosoloDHsolosolo
H2o oz48646464969632
H2O ratio1:31:21:31:31:3Npoor
 Visit BlogsYYYNNYY
Walk BubblesYNNNYNY

good day:-)

The weeks before Christmas break are also hectic but I still do not feel I am doing all I wanna do. Maybe my expectations are too high. I am supposed to start school in January and I pray I can manage everything.

I have a audio blog to express how I am feeling today.
Please excuse the sound as I was walking the dog when I  made it.
It is about 2minutes in length.
The audio can also be found here as it takes awhile for the audio to be complete.

I will add a dress pic when my hubby can take the pic even though I am less than optimistic about it since I did not reach my weight loss goals.... I am around a pound heavier than I was 14 weeks ago.

I need to stop playing with my weight and make getting healthy a real priority. Something I do with fervor and passion. Even when no one is looking and when no one cares but me. That is the real sign of someone who values themselves and their long term well being. My healthy is not a joke and it seems like I treat it that way at times.

I need to stop making excuses and take real action every day towards my goals and not waver. That is what people who succeed at weight loss do. This isn't easy and I should not keep slipping and dipping because no one holds me acceptable. I have to be accountable to myself.

I am at a loss as to what to do next. I haven't found or been invited or accepted into any new challenges so I guess I will check around and see what is out there.

I am glad I did not quit this challenge but I did not do what I set out to do and really need to do some so url searching and get to the bottom of why I can't get it together...


Random thoughts

I passed out on couch Tuesday night as a result of exhaustion, a cold trying to catch me, and some really good cold meds. LOL. Oh well my body does what it wants. I did get in 25 minutes of exercise for day 16 of my 40th year exercise streak.

I feel slimmer today around my tummy area.

Life happens. It gets in the way of things. I have to work through it. I also have to learn to deal without turning to food.  Food does not fix my issues or my struggles. It is there to nourish my body and that is it.


25 days update

Just wanted to say... Check out my tree.

It is up on my fridge...

I actually need to out a sticker for todays workout, but this was taken earlier.
What is really cool is the fact that you need to have 3 more stickers to represent when I started working out on my 40th day.

Feels great to back on track....


CDCC Wk 13 Summary

Christmas Dress Countdown Challenge
Week # 13
Dec 4th - 10th, 2011

Starting Weight: 225.6#

Actual Weight: 222.0#

DayCaloriesExerciseBookWaterWorkout Type
SUN 12.04157500:15N64Wii:  Exerbeat & Just Dance
MON 12.05155000:25N96Wii: Exerbeat &Just Dance
TUE 12.06177500:20N96Wii / Exerbeat
WED 12.07155000:15N64+Wii / Exerbeat
THU 12.08145000:30N32Hiking
FRI 12.09132500:15N64Wii: Get Up and Dance
SAT 10.1155000:15N32Wii: Just Dance

Things I did right:

  • Exercised every day of the week for a total of 2hours and 15 minutes.
  • Tracked daily

Things I need to work on:
  • ate out too much
  • did not eat enough fruits and veggies
My goals for this week were:

  • continue my exercise streak
  • go to 2 Crossfit classes-- life got in the way and scheduling has been challenging
  • workout 2 times on the Wii-- all but 1 workout was using my wii. I tried out 2 new dance games.
  • track daily--done
  • stay within MFP calorie guidelines--did well
  • eat 14 of 21 meals as home cooked--too many fast food and restaurants. I was tired and lazy.
  • try one meal in my new crockpot
  • no sweet tea at work for rest of the month/year--slipped 1 day- gonna keep at this one.
  • drink at least 64 oz daily--to busy and di not plan enough but gonna try again.
  • 1 in 3 drinks just water without crystal light--easier than I thought
  • visit blogs daily--love my blog friends
  • encourage hubby to get on the treadmill-he's been so tired that I have not gotten on him. INstead I let him sleeo when he falls asleep.
  • invite kids to exercise with me on the wii--no brainer. even did a few dances with all 3 kids
  • post often on facebook page--5 posts done.
Goals for next week....
SAME except...
 ....... 1 crossfit class
........ walk dog daily
........ eat 1 fresh fruit/veggies daily


Goal Update

I gave myself these goals for the week of Dec 4-10th.  Here ie

  • continue my exercise streak --- ON TRACK SINCE MY BDAY
  • go to 2 Crossfit classes --- not yet
  • workout 2 times on the Wii --- DONE

  • track daily ---- DOIN IT
  • stay within MFP calorie guidelines

  • eat 14 of 21 meals as home cooked 7/9 so far so good
    • Breakfasts S-M
    • Lunches M-T
    • Dinner S-M-T
  • try one meal in my new crockpot---DONE
    • sweet and sour Chicken thighs (yummy)
    • meatloaf (not so hot)
  • no sweet tea at work for rest of the month/year---Go ME!!

  • drink at least 64 oz daily--3 of 3
  • 1 in 3 drinks just water without crystal light -- 3 of 3

  • visit blogs daily ---2 of 3
    • shooting for 3-4 comments daily
    • Yes- Mon, Tue
    • No - SUN
  • encourage hubby to get on the treadmill ---2 of 3
    • Hit:   Mon., Tue
    • Miss: Sun
  • invite kids to exercise with me on the wii-- 2 of 3 days
    • no go on Tues.
  • post often on facebook page-- 3 of 3 days


CDCC Wk 12 Summary & some goals

Christmas Dress Countdown Challenge
Week # 12
Nov. 27th - Dec 3rd, 2011

Starting Weight: 224.8#
Actual Weight:225.6#

SUN 11.27????

MON 11.28????00:15N32
TUE 11.29160000:15N32
WED 11.30160000:15N32
THU 12.01120000:20N64
FRI 12.02160000:10N96
SAT 12.03122500:15N64

I feel like this week was a success despite the 1# gain. I have deliberately exercised every day starting on my 40th birthday on Monday, Nov 28th... I know I did not hit my goals for the Christmas Dress Challenge but I know I am thankful for the challenge and keeping me and task and not quitting on myself.

Speaking of challenges I am in for 2 more for the holidays. You can read all about it ...

So I will share some pics from the last few days and then discuss what my goals are for the week.

I have my 25 Days of Fitness Tree posted on my fridge.  It very useful as it keeps my focused and it also a great visual for the kids as to when they get to open their gifts.

 Myself and my soon to be daughter in law at Walmart on a Saturday night. We were on the dressing aisle and becuz I wanted to take a cheesy pic I forgot to get my favorite poppyseed dressing.

People lie but the scale does not. I am due to my monthly visitor soon soon so I expect that number to go down real soon. Socks cuz it is too cold for me.

 The 2 Storms chilling out.

My littlest child so asked me to flat iron her hair so she could "have long hair like mommy".. 

  • continue my exercise streak
  • go to 2 Crossfit classes
  • workout 2 times on the Wii
  • track daily
  • stay within MFP calorie guidelines
  • eat 14 of 21 meals as home cooked
  • try one meal in my new crockpot
  • no sweet tea at work for rest of the month/year
  • drink at least 64 oz daily
  • 1 in 3 drinks just water without crystal light
  • visit blogs daily
  • encourage hubby to get on the treadmill
  • invite kids to exercise with me on the wii
  • post often on facebook page


Christmas Challenges

I love challenges.... I know you are thining really? I can;t tell by your poor performance. Maybe that is what I am  thining about myself.

This last month has been doing a few fun challenges. Add that to me working out every day starting on my 40th.. I should be well on my way (again) to better health.

I am doing 12 Days of a Fit Christmas sponsored by Jess at Run With Jess.

Plus I am doing O, Fitness Tree Challenge with the lovely people of Shrinking Jeans.s.


So excited to see what December brings and what I ring to December.  
I plan on ending 2011 heading in the direction of what I want.

1st: Treadmill
2nd: Treadmill

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