CCDC Wk 14 Summary

Christmas Dress Countdown Challenge
Week # 14
Dec 11th - 17th, 2011

Starting Weight: 222#
Actual Weight: 222.2#

My Chart :-)


Exer. Time:15:25:25:20:15:15:15
Exer. TypeWiiWiiWiiWiiWiiWiiWii
W/O PalDDsolosolosoloDHsolosolo
H2o oz48646464969632
H2O ratio1:31:21:31:31:3Npoor
 Visit BlogsYYYNNYY
Walk BubblesYNNNYNY

good day:-)

The weeks before Christmas break are also hectic but I still do not feel I am doing all I wanna do. Maybe my expectations are too high. I am supposed to start school in January and I pray I can manage everything.

I have a audio blog to express how I am feeling today.
Please excuse the sound as I was walking the dog when I  made it.
It is about 2minutes in length.
The audio can also be found here as it takes awhile for the audio to be complete.

I will add a dress pic when my hubby can take the pic even though I am less than optimistic about it since I did not reach my weight loss goals.... I am around a pound heavier than I was 14 weeks ago.

I need to stop playing with my weight and make getting healthy a real priority. Something I do with fervor and passion. Even when no one is looking and when no one cares but me. That is the real sign of someone who values themselves and their long term well being. My healthy is not a joke and it seems like I treat it that way at times.

I need to stop making excuses and take real action every day towards my goals and not waver. That is what people who succeed at weight loss do. This isn't easy and I should not keep slipping and dipping because no one holds me acceptable. I have to be accountable to myself.

I am at a loss as to what to do next. I haven't found or been invited or accepted into any new challenges so I guess I will check around and see what is out there.

I am glad I did not quit this challenge but I did not do what I set out to do and really need to do some so url searching and get to the bottom of why I can't get it together...


  1. Inculcating good habits is part of this journey, and your just focusing on it helps. Definitely TRY the dress, cause look at the changes with my minimal "numbers" loss and Angela Pea's less than 1 pound scale loss. The body can do interesting thigns. TRY IT ON. :)

    And God bless you....keep at it. Something will click, the epiphany will come, when you simply keep working on it. It's like my novelists friends who say they'll just work on it work on it and eventually..inspiration comes.

    You'll overcome.

  2. Remember this is for you!! You cant lose weight for someone else!!
    I love your spreadsheets!! Look at them and see what you can do to ramp things up a bit! Like, working out for an extra 30 minutes 3 days a week. Then when you have that down, try to increase the fruits and veggies. Good habits are hard to make, bad habits are are to break! Keep at it!! I know you can do it!!!

  3. You stuck with it, you worked hard and yes we could of all worked harder but you didn't quit and that is what counted the most. I will love to see you in your outfit. It doesn't matter if it's perfect, we aren't perfect and we're not going to be but just think of all that you learned. Keep it up, you'll get there my friend, you will!!!
    Take care and have a blessed week!!

  4. I totally get how you feel. I was in that place for the longest time. But I really can´t tell you how to get past it. It´s like you say, you need to do some soul searching and then just do it! Do it for you. And do it one day at a time. It really helped me.
    I wish you all the best for the future!

  5. Keep your head up. Look at the upside, you maintained and didn't gain a bunch of weight either. You will only fail if you stop trying all together. You definitely have to want it to make it a priority. You can do it!

  6. Good luck on getting it together and figuring out what you need to do to get the weight moving. Some people need to be active in a real life weight group....you might want to read about TOPS or look into a local group where you live. Do not give up and keep working on it....also you may want to recheck how you are counting things or talk to your physician if you continue to be stuck. Have a good holiday season.

  7. dont feel bad I am with you I am 2 lbs heavier than I was originally but hey life throughs us curve balls and we happened to be the ones that got hit with them and decided to stick in the challenge and not be ashamed or depressed about it. We are strong and we know we can do it, its just life weigh goes up and down. We will get to goal and show that scale who's boss. I look forward to seeing your pics when you post them. I am here if you need anything even though the challenge is over, as long as you keep posting :) hang in there WE CAN DO THIS!!!

  8. Keep at it, you will find your path & what works best for you!

  9. The best way to be a great Mom is to take care of yourself - healthy, fit and strong. You've been working on your good habits, and I know you'll continue to improve.


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