CDCC Wk 12 Summary & some goals

Christmas Dress Countdown Challenge
Week # 12
Nov. 27th - Dec 3rd, 2011

Starting Weight: 224.8#
Actual Weight:225.6#

SUN 11.27????

MON 11.28????00:15N32
TUE 11.29160000:15N32
WED 11.30160000:15N32
THU 12.01120000:20N64
FRI 12.02160000:10N96
SAT 12.03122500:15N64

I feel like this week was a success despite the 1# gain. I have deliberately exercised every day starting on my 40th birthday on Monday, Nov 28th... I know I did not hit my goals for the Christmas Dress Challenge but I know I am thankful for the challenge and keeping me and task and not quitting on myself.

Speaking of challenges I am in for 2 more for the holidays. You can read all about it ...

So I will share some pics from the last few days and then discuss what my goals are for the week.

I have my 25 Days of Fitness Tree posted on my fridge.  It very useful as it keeps my focused and it also a great visual for the kids as to when they get to open their gifts.

 Myself and my soon to be daughter in law at Walmart on a Saturday night. We were on the dressing aisle and becuz I wanted to take a cheesy pic I forgot to get my favorite poppyseed dressing.

People lie but the scale does not. I am due to my monthly visitor soon soon so I expect that number to go down real soon. Socks cuz it is too cold for me.

 The 2 Storms chilling out.

My littlest child so asked me to flat iron her hair so she could "have long hair like mommy".. 

  • continue my exercise streak
  • go to 2 Crossfit classes
  • workout 2 times on the Wii
  • track daily
  • stay within MFP calorie guidelines
  • eat 14 of 21 meals as home cooked
  • try one meal in my new crockpot
  • no sweet tea at work for rest of the month/year
  • drink at least 64 oz daily
  • 1 in 3 drinks just water without crystal light
  • visit blogs daily
  • encourage hubby to get on the treadmill
  • invite kids to exercise with me on the wii
  • post often on facebook page


  1. Good to see a face behind your blog. You are very pretty. I´m happy to see you are on track and I´m sure next you´ll see loss!


  2. I love the "no sweet tea" goal. I preach that to my friends all the time, as in, who would want to waste their calories on sweet tea? But, if you love it, you would naturally make that choice. Good job of exercising every day!

  3. i love your chart... what a clear and organized way to keep track of your progress. I such a dork for stuff like that!

    Tell me more about this 25 days of fitness calendar you have going... what kind of prizes are you giving yourself?

  4. Great goals. Keep hitting the water, it'll help push the nasty out and make TOM a bit nicer.
    Good luck this week. I know you will do amazing. Take care and have a blessedweek.

  5. Cute pictures and you've set out your goals for this difficult month in a nice way. Good luck making every one of them.


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