Christmas Challenges

I love challenges.... I know you are thining really? I can;t tell by your poor performance. Maybe that is what I am  thining about myself.

This last month has been doing a few fun challenges. Add that to me working out every day starting on my 40th.. I should be well on my way (again) to better health.

I am doing 12 Days of a Fit Christmas sponsored by Jess at Run With Jess.

Plus I am doing O, Fitness Tree Challenge with the lovely people of Shrinking Jeans.s.


So excited to see what December brings and what I ring to December.  
I plan on ending 2011 heading in the direction of what I want.

1st: Treadmill
2nd: Treadmill

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  1. Oh I know that you'll do excellent with these challenges, I know you will. My main challenge is just surviving right now. Being the best I can be with what I've learned this past year. In Jan when I'm bored out of my mind I'll be ready for some challenges. I know there should be a bunch out there.
    Take care and have a blessed weekend!!


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