Exercise Confession & Declaration

I have been pretty consistent working out since I turned 40 on November 28th. I have not, however upped the intensity or the variety of my workout. I have to get more intense and a bit more structure. So it makes me wonder... Am I really committed or am I taking the road of least resistance.

I already know the answer and that is why now I am going to change up my exercise routine. I am going to woman-up and do what I don't feel like doing and instead do what needs to be done.

This is easier now that I have some online peeps to keep me honest and on track.

So I will continue to workout 7 days a week for minimum of 15minutes.
However... I am committing to 3 workouts a week on the Biggest Loser Game of 30 minutes each. The other 4 days will be spent by using Just Dance, Exerbeat, or any of the other Wii games I try out over the next 12 weeks. I am even open to doing some workouts using Netflix.


  1. Good Job :) I try to change my routines pretty Regularly to keep me motivated and Keep me pushing further, I try to add on a few mins every few days, or when i feel comfortable at the level im doing when it feels to comfortable I know i need to begin to push my self!

    I'v been really wanting to try those Wii games! just have not had the chance to pick them up! iv heard they are a lot of fun and a great work out.

  2. its recommended to change your routine atleast 6 weekly, to keep mixing it up and keep your muscles guessing. it also stops you getting bored!! there are many many workouts on the net for working out at home with no equipment. have a google :) print one out, crank up the music and go hard!

  3. changing your routine is a great idea! I do an early morning workout that I change once a week. This week is off of hulu. Ultimate Power Yoga
    Gaiam's Wake Up Workout . Change it up and keep having fun.


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