Goal Update

I gave myself these goals for the week of Dec 4-10th.  Here ie

  • continue my exercise streak --- ON TRACK SINCE MY BDAY
  • go to 2 Crossfit classes --- not yet
  • workout 2 times on the Wii --- DONE

  • track daily ---- DOIN IT
  • stay within MFP calorie guidelines

  • eat 14 of 21 meals as home cooked 7/9 so far so good
    • Breakfasts S-M
    • Lunches M-T
    • Dinner S-M-T
  • try one meal in my new crockpot---DONE
    • sweet and sour Chicken thighs (yummy)
    • meatloaf (not so hot)
  • no sweet tea at work for rest of the month/year---Go ME!!

  • drink at least 64 oz daily--3 of 3
  • 1 in 3 drinks just water without crystal light -- 3 of 3

  • visit blogs daily ---2 of 3
    • shooting for 3-4 comments daily
    • Yes- Mon, Tue
    • No - SUN
  • encourage hubby to get on the treadmill ---2 of 3
    • Hit:   Mon., Tue
    • Miss: Sun
  • invite kids to exercise with me on the wii-- 2 of 3 days
    • no go on Tues.
  • post often on facebook page-- 3 of 3 days


  1. Breaking down weekly goals is awesome. You will rock this, mama! Way to go on getting hubby involved.

  2. Your numbers are great! i'm glad that you've set up some good realistic steps for yourself. Crossfit classes are such a blast. I hope you get in there soon. :)


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