Merry After Christmas

I pray everyone had a joyous Christmas. I feel more blessed than ever. I bought 95% of my gifts online so I was not affected my the shopping stress and that helped. My oldest daughter is in Florida with her dad. So it was me, hubby, the toddlers, my oldest son and his fiancé.

The 3 little trouble makers.

My tree...

Learning while having fun.

Junior on his fav gift. The LeapPad Explorer.

Angel on her fav gift... 

Earring from my hubby.


  1. Your kids are just the cutest! Looks like everyone had a wonderful Christmas!

  2. I'm glad your Christmas was lovely. Your kids are adorable! Happy New Year to all of you with loads of good health and dreams coming true!!!!

  3. Glad you had an awesome Christmas. Thanks for sharing your pictures, I just love looking at other families. Take care and have a blessed week.

  4. Your children are adorable! And your doggie makes me giggle!

  5. Your kids are adorable!!!!!!!!!
    I did most of my shopping via internet too!! SO much easier than fighting the crowds!!!


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