NSV Goal jeans (SCC)


Here they are. ... The pics of the jeans I plan on fitting in by March 19th.  Although they read a size 20.
I am surprised these are 20s because almost everything I wear that fits is an 18 or a 20.

  I love the beading.

Front...notice that they do not button. UGH!
I will also cuff them when I wear them this spring because they are crop but I am just short.

Side. Self explanatory, but not sure why my shirt looks so crazy.

Back... Not bad for 220+ pounds. 
Butt can't wait to get it all down a bit.

Discliamer: please excuse my teenage daughters dirty mirror. Yuck. Next time I will clean it before I star taking pics.


  1. You will fit in them in no time and rock them babies out. Great to see you are already aiming for goals. Keep up the great work.

  2. Lol dirty mirror. You are lucky it is just dirty dirty and does not have pentagrams or pot leaves or anarchy symbols or worse painted on it. Or the reflection of piles and piles of clothes, empty soda cans, some dishes and empty Dorito bags LOL

    Like how you could find such a great pair at GW! I love the beading, too. I came by to check out the structure and am working on my first post. I am going to post for this and post for Mir's challenge alternately. That ought to fill my blog for most of the week.

  3. Hahah, Worst part is i couldn't tell it was dirty because my laptop screen is Horribly dirty.. LOL

    You will fit in them in no time good luck!!!

  4. I am so sorry girl, I thought I was a follower and for some reason I am not so I had to re-join. Stupid blogger.


    Those jeans are gorgeous! You can do this, imagine how amazing you will feel inside and out when you button those jeans up and feel comfortable.
    This is it, 2012 is OUR year!!

  5. Those are really pretty jeans. Good luck with your challenge and you know something, I KNOW THAT YOU WILL DO AWESOME, did I say that loud enough? I know you will.
    Take care and have a blessed evening.

  6. Haha I had to go back to look as I didn't notice the dirty mirrors. But I don't judge, I have a floor length mirror in my room and even right after windexing it it looks dirty, so I've learned to live with it. Good luck with getting into those jeans, can't wait to see the follow up pic!

  7. Can't remember if I have commented before or not but I've been reading for a while. I am at a similar weight and size to you and also have a general size 18-20 wardrobe. However, one pair of jeans I have sure does not have a BIT of stretch and they will be my target jeans in coming months so I understand this post 100%. Go for it, we'll do it together. x

  8. I haven't done a challenge in sooo long, thanks ((hugs)) this is going to be great :)


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