One of these days....(updated)

There are some events I want to do one day....

I know I shouldn't say my weight is holding me back. Although it is.. it isn't. I just want to be ready and not make a total fool of myself or injuring myself.

There are also some events I may be able to do .... 

Dirty Girl Mud Run

More events/venues to come.http://www.godirtygirl.com/

http://muddy-buddy.competitor.com --- MUDDy BUDDY

Atlanta Merrell Down & Dirty Mud and Obstacle


  1. I totally want to do the first two someday!!!!! Ive never heard of the third one!! Now Im curious!! Ill have to go look it up~!!

  2. I have also wanted to do those but have been brought down by a fear of injury as well. Maybe 2012 will be my year!


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